Thursday, 11 October 2012

Montagne Jeunesse for MEN: Deep Pore Cleansing Masque Review

Whenever I have lacked Zzzzs and over indulged in coffee, I like to attempt to refresh my complexion with one of Montagne Jeunesse's face packs. I usually purchase the chocolate variants, since they smell bloody gorgeous and do just the trick! I especially like the Hot Chocolate Orange masque.

Montagne Jeunesse Hot Chocolatee Orange mask, 99p
I felt like trying a different one this week though and so I picked up a peel off one that I had never seen before. It wasn't until I looked more closely at it this evening though, that I realised this never-before-seen skin treatment is actually intended for MEN.

But hey, I figured I would try it out regardless. It promises to "unclog pores" and "condition the skin" of big burly bastards* so it should work wonders on my more delicate epidermis...right?

*Before I continue, I will just clarify that the pack does not actually mention BBBs at all.

Montagne Jeunesse deep pore for men
79p, Savers
After washing my face clean of makeup, I applied the concoction to my face and waited for the magic to happen...

It actually smells OK and as one would expect for a product with natural spearmint oil as its main active ingredient  It's scent is definitely not as masculine as I imagined it would be.

Problem is, this stuff STINGS terribly when you first put it on - OMG MY FACE IS MELTING style. I did however persevere through the discomfort.

I was also really disappointed with the coverage. In the rather unattractive picture of me below, you can see the pack creates a thin film, much different to the thick blue portrayal on the packet!

You will also notice some redness under my delicate eye area - this was not there before putting the mask on (shit, maybe this stuff really is for BBBs only after all!) I know this area should be avoided when applying facial masques and so I didn't purposely apply the product in this area but mistakes do happen.

I've never had reactions like this to other Montagne Jeunesse products. I can literally smear the chocolate ones over my entire face with no problems whatsoever.

KatSick Montagne for MEN
The stinging and tightening of the mask made it hard to smile...

Results & Overall Verdict

After 20 minutes or so (when the mask had dried and tightened), I peeled it off to reveal cleaner feeling skin and some less prevalent pores.The redness under my eyes had also gone (thank God!)

I have no plans to ever purchase this treatment again in the future but I'm not the target audience anyway, not having a penis an' all.

Give me my Hot Chocolate Orange mask any day! That one doesn't sting and the coverage is much better - I usually get two masks out of the one packet too, which isn't awkwardly  narrow like that of the 'For Men' masque!

Have you ever accidentally bought and used a beauty product intended for men? What happened?