Friday, 19 October 2012 Website Review: Discount Fragrance and Makeup

As an employee of leading digital marketing and SEO company Fresh Egg, when asked if I would like to review new discount perfume and makeup website I couldn't resist!

NOTE: Perfume Click is NOT a Fresh Egg client!
Perfume-Click logo
Fresh Egg knows how important great user experience (UX) is for securing custom online, and so I was keen to see how well Perfume-Click would fare in the KatSick UX Test ™ *

*Not actually a trademark, but looks cool, huh?

Armed with a discount voucher, I headed to the site to place an order...

KatSick Perfume-Click haul
My Perfume-Click haul
To read my verdict on each of these products, check out my next blog post - this post focuses purely on the Perfume-Click website and the overall ordering experience only!

What do I like about

Here is what I love about
  • The prices are fantastic - items in the makeup category for example currently start from just £1.85. I have included a screen of some of this week's featured products to show you the prices of some items from other categories (click to enlarge).
  • The P&P is a very fair £1.95 per order (or free if you order over £50 worth of goods).
  • Speaking of P&P; the items arrived well wrapped in plenty of bubble wrap, and placed inside a sturdy box. This meant my items could not be damaged in any way.
  • I really like the aesthetics of the site. The simply mix of white, grey  purple and turquoise really says 'beauty' to visitors. 
  • is also really easy to navigate. It was clear exactly where I would find each type of product, and so there no delay in filling my online basket!
  • I like that many discontinued items can be found on the site. I finally tracked down a favourite mascara of mine, and for a very good price!
  • I didn't realise until I got to the checkout, but Perfume-Click discounts £1 for every additional item that is added to your basket. I have included a screenshot to show this more clearly (3 items - £2 deduction - again; click to enlarge).

  • Perfume Click also offers a points based Loyalty scheme. For every £1 spent, customers receive a penny back (1%) to be spent on the site. Additionally, the site runs various special promotions each week to help customers further boost their points balance. 

What could be improved on Perfume-Click?

No site on the WWW is perfect - even those which appear so can be altered to be even better! These are the recommendations I would give the developers behind Perfume-Click:
  • There is currently no option to view all items (regardless of brand) in the perfume category, in ascending price. I would like to be able to view all perfume available on the site, starting with the cheapest. I think many other visitors to the site would also like this option - we want to see what the very best prices offered by 'The home of discount fragrance and beauty products' are!
  • Perfume-Clicks cheap delivery charge - in addition to the 'Buy more save more' discount (as I've decided to dub it) - should be proudly declared on the homepage. I feel this would really encourage sales.
  • Detailed product description should be included on the page of each item. Not only will this inspire customers to part with their cash, but such could also increase the number of long-tail search queries which could see web surfers landing on the site (more traffic = more sales!)
  • I would have liked to have been able to zoom in more closely on the item pictures within the makeup category. Before deciding on my final purchases, I spent a lot of time on other websites looking for more images and detailed product descriptions.
  • The PayPal button was also broken when I went to use it at the checkout stage (this does appear to be fixed now however).

Overall verdict

Any ladies looking to buy some new makeup or fragrance should take the time to checkout, especially those who are trying to 'look after the pennies'! I got two mascaras (Max Factor and Bourjois), two eye liners (Bourjois) and a blusher (True Gold) for a little over £15 - what a bargain!

You can read about these products in my next blog post - check back soon!