Sunday, 7 October 2012

Extreme Largeness Zombie and Personalised Necklaces Review

Extreme Largeness logo

I first came across the Extreme Largeness brand back in 2006 when I was at Castle Donnington's Download Festival (Metaaaaaal!) My only pair of shoes - a brand new pair of blue Converse - were stolen from my tent on the first night (at least, that's what I assume happened...I'd been drinking a concoction called "Shit Mix" into the early hours). This meant I had to walk over the race track barefoot and hungover upon the discovery, to purchase some new kicks.

Once my new leopard print creepers were firmly tied to my feet, I decided to browse the various clothing and accessory stalls while making my way back to my friends in Black Camp. I was drawn to Extreme Largeness's stall because the jewellery hanging up appealed to my goth-meets-emo tastes, not to mention; many pieces matched my new shoes. I purchased a few items, including a Bubbles Powerpuff girl enamel necklace (damn, I'm cool).

The business continues to sell its goth, emo, rock n' roll, roller derby  rockabilly and tattoo-inspired accessories at UK festivals, but operates an online retail store also.  When I approached the team to request items to review on this blog, I am glad to say they happily obliged...

Extreme Largeness Zombie Necklace Review

The first item I was sent was this totally "SICK!" acrylic, neon pink and green 'Zombie' necklace.

I have wanted a necklace akin to this for a long while, so couldn't have been happier to receive this (even if it does make the OAPs of Worthing town look at me oddly!)

I have previously mentioned on this blog that the quality of acrylic necklaces can be very poor, but this one really couldn't be any stronger, or any better cut. I'l be able to wear this chain literally hundreds of times without any worry regarding damage or impairments to the overall design. I love that the chain - which is tougher than it may appear in the picture - is pink too (if you keep reading KatSick, my love of pink will quickly become apparent!)

It s worth noting that while the chain of this necklace is not adjustable, at 45cm long it does hang at just the right length. I hope this photo of me from this morning demonstrates this well enough. Please excuse the bare face, I rarely bother with makeup on Sundays!

If you want to purchase one of these Zombie necklaces for yourself, you can do so here for just £8 (+£1.50 P&P per order) The necklace is also available in back and green, for the same price.

Bonus Personalised Necklace

I was also surprised to find this personalised KatSick necklace in my package from Extreme Largeness:

I have to say I love it! The half pink/half purple chain is an awesome touch!

Extreme Largeness provides a whole range of different personalised acrylic necklaces for just £10. This is an ideal service if you are seeking a truly unique necklace for yourself, or to give as a gift (and Christmas is just around the corner...)

As the power and reputation of this blog grows, I will have the confidence to wear this necklace out in public far more often than I have done so far. I don't want anyone to assume I think more highly of myself than I should (even though KatSick is the best damn blog you'll ever read! *WINK*).

In summary; Extreme Largeness is definitely worth checking out if you have an alternative style and taste in accessories. Aside from necklaces, the brand also supplies really cool rings, belts, buckles, socks, tights, keyrings and even more besides!