Friday, 12 October 2012

Curlformers Outfit Competition (PRIZE: £100 ASOS voucher): My Entry

Fellow FBL blogger Lilla Jade is currently running a competition through her blog - - on behalf of Curlformers; a brand providing revolutionary, no-heat curling tubes which produce perfect curls every time (I know from experience!)

To enter, participants are required to publish a blog, piecing together an outfit matched with a curly hairstyle of choice (there's actually a few different ways to enter - for further details, please read this post). The winner will receive a £100 gift voucher  to spend on the ASOS website.

This is my entry.

I'm prepared for readers of this blog to tell me what terrible taste I have...I'm hardly a conventional dresser! I'd rather have God-awful taste then be one of those "I wear whatever Grazia magazine tells me to" women though!

My outfit

KatSick Curlformers Outfit entry
CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: 1. Hell Bunny 50's dixie blue swing dress (£34.99,, 2. cropped leather biker jacket (£100, ASOS Curve), 3. 40 denier black tights (Long Tall Sally, £84. Castel boot (Dr Martens £100)
Anyone got £242.99 they don't need? *SIGH*

I have long been admiring Soho's Hell Bunny 50's dixie blue swing dress -  I just adore those pin up girls and black stars! I currently don't own a single dress (I know myself a girl!) but I am hoping to change this when I have a few more spare pennies to my name. I'd like to get a dress to wear to this year's Christmas work do at least!

I often like to match the colour of my footwear to my outfit, and that's why I have selected those floral Doc Martens (which are available in the very rare, female size 9 I need and so often struggle to find!) I'm surprised I like them actually; while I love DMs, I've never really liked floral prints at all!

While the blue is a different hue and - some might argue - when matched with the dress there is "too much going on" , I feel the black tights and cropped leather bike jacket balance the outfit out. The black waist tie on the dress also helps to segment the arrangement (IMO anyway).

It's probably obvious, but I would wear the jacket open with the dress. I'd also throw a string of black plastic beads around my neck to top off the look.

The curly hair

Although my hair is a bit longer than the model's below, these are the kind of loose curls I would create to go with the ensemble above.
While I love the look of tight, ringlet curls (and my Curlformers are capable of producing such) I wouldn't want to have to worry at all about messing up my look when enjoying a few alcoholic bevvies on a night out! These loose curls are more suited to becoming a little dishevelled, and suggest "I don't take myself too seriously."

I would create these curls using my Extra Long & Wide Curlformers (pictured below), which I would apply to my damp hair, with some mouse smoothed evenly through for extra definition and hold. I'd wear the curling tubes in my hair overnight (they're comfortable enough to sleep in, removing them in the morning and using my fingertips to loosely separate the curls.

My Extra Long & Wide Curlformers
When happy with the arrangement  I'd spritz my locks with some Tressemme Freeze Hold (THE best hairspray for lasting style, again IMO) and I'd be good to go. Oh, as soon as my makeup's done, obviously!

Remember to enter this competition yourself!

Is my taste as awful as I assume people think? Let me know what you think of my outfit in the comments below.