Sunday, 11 November 2012

Jerome Russell Bblonde Cream Peroxide & Powder Bleach Review

Jerome Russell Bblond bleach review KatSick

So last week I decided to finally go and get a well-overdue haircut. Before I did, each day would see someone at work asking "Have you done something different with your hair?", as I would have to find different ways of pinning my once-fringe out of my eyes.

I went to the Worthing Cuts Co store right next door to the office, for convenience and the fact that a cut and blast cost just £14. Considering I simply wanted my tresses neatened a bit I figured this would be an OK place to go. And it was "OK" but I probably won't be returning (my reasons are a whole other blog post...)

Anyway, having my hair cut made my roots more obvious - I had neglected colouring my hair for a while too. As such, I decided to return to an all-over black base (well; cosmic blue-black) with the intention of adding some vibrant colour/s later.

Being asked if I would like to review Jerome Russell's BBlonde hair bleaching products then, couldn't have come at a better time. It really did not take long for me to become bored of my plain black hair, and the intense blue tinge did wash my skin out a bit (so pale...)
KatSick blue-black hair

Aware the bleaching kit would probably transform my black-for-less-than-a-week-locks orange, I decided to just go for it and test it out regardless. I am a veteran of lightening unnatural black hair and knew that even a result of brassy tones would be enough to add some brighter hues back into my hair.

It should be noted that does states that their bleach is "not recommended" for black hair, but hey, I'm a rebel! Or perhaps stupid. Let's find out...

Jerome Russell Bblonde Hair Bleach Review 

  • Jerome Russell Bblonde Cream Peroxide (40% VOL)
  • Jerome Russell Bblonde Powder Bleach (for light-dark brown hair)
Jerome Russell powder bleach review
Following the directions included in the box, I poured one sachet of Jerome Russell powder bleach into a bowl (four sachets are included in the box). 

I then added the cream peroxide and stirred the mixture until even, using an old teaspoon...while wearing fancy blue disposable gloves, of course. 

Jerome Russell step 1 KatSick

Jerome Russell step 2 KatSick

Then I applied the bleach to the areas of my hair I wanted to lighten, using my gloved fingertips.

I will I could be more specific than that, but my hair dyeing method has always been "slap it on and hope for the best." 

However, I can tell you that I applied the mixture to the ends of my hair dip-dye style, a little to my fringe, a section or two on each side of my head, and to the shaved undercut area on the right side of my head (pictured pre-dye below). After 30 minutes, I washed the bleach out of my hair.
KatSick undercut shaved hair

Jerome Russell Bblonde Results

As expected, I was left with some brassy orange tones at the ends of my hair, while the shaved area and  a few strands nearer my scalp ended up blonde (albeit, a yellow-blonde).
Jerome Russell Bblonde results
Bblonde results collage KatSick

Some people might consider the results of this blonding kit to be a disaster, but not me! As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I already knew my freshly dyed black hair would not go perfectly blonde - black is the hardest colour to strip from hair.

Considering how recently I applied the black though, I was very impressed by the amount of colour which did lift.

I have NEVER dared to bare the brassy step of my bright-colouring procedure to the public before, but actually went into town today with my bleached locks! I actually liked some of the resulting tones, and I wanted to pick up a few bits before applying pink and electric blue dye to my lightened sections.

That's what I'm going to do now in fact...I will post a picture of my brighter locks soon!

If you're seeking a hair bleach with high lift - whether your hair is coloured or natural - this is the one for you! The instructions couldn't be easier to follow and I will definitely be using Bblonde again in future.

If you want to purchase Bblonde, you can find the range in all Boots and Superdrug stores (among other chains).