Monday, 29 October 2012

Max Factor Customer Service Update & Apology Booty

You might remember a little while ago I wrote a post regarding some poor customer service I experienced on the Max Factor UK Facebook page [click here if you missed the post].

As promised, I published a link to my previous post on the Max Factor Facebook wall, in the hope that this time I would not be ignored/my complaint would not be deleted.

Well, apparently - as you will read in the screen capture below - my original link and the associated posts were not deleted by those moderating the Max Factor page. I'm still dubious as to whether this is so...but to be fair, my follow up post has not so far been removed.
Max Factor facebook feedback complaint
Click to enlarge
The email address provided by the MF Facebook team this time actually worked(!), and someone promptly replied to me regarding my complaint (which was originally about Max Factor's terrible Masterpiece Beyond Length mascara, but had since morphed into a moan about their lack of consumer care).

In regards to the mascara I complained about, nothing was really said at all. Rather; the contact apologised for my struggle in reaching Max Factor/P&G customer services, and asked for my postal address so that the company could forward some compensatory vouchers to me.

I received these vouchers today - £13 worth (which I thought was a weird sum, not that I am any less thankful for the gesture!) A note of apology was also included with the vouchers, but disappointingly  this appeared to be the 'go to' letter for the company, and was not handwritten - or even signed - by a real person, unlike the apology letter I received from Montagne Jeunesse.

Anyway, I was glad to finally have my complaint acknowledged  At lunch time today, I headed down to Boots to exchange my coupons for a few goodies.

Max Factor Voucher Haul

KatSick Max Factor Apology haul

  • Max Factor Colour Adapt (shade 40, Creamy Ivory) £10, 34ml
  • Max Factor Mini Nail Polish (shade 36, Lacquer Noir) £3.99, 4.5ml
  • Max Factor Mini Nail Polish (shade 05, Sunny Pink) £3.99, 4.5ml

Since Boots is current offering 3 for 2 on all of its cosmetics, the above booty totalled £13.98 (though I only paid 98p thanks to my vouchers).

My previous bottle of Colour Adapt ran out a while ago, and so I was keen to replace it. I love this foundation -  it's light and airy, while providing great coverage. It feels really silky which makes it an absolute indulgence to apply. I bought the lightest shade because I'm rather adverse to the sun, and therefore extremely pale (read as 'interesting' *WINK*).

I purchased the black polish for my tootsies. I don't know why, but this has always been my favourite colour (if black can be called a 'colour', fight among yourselves) to paint on my toe nails!

The 'Sunny Pink' meanwhile is a very light, almost clear pink with shimmery gold undertones. I purchased this because the state the nails on my hands are absolutely AWFUL (more to come on that point later this week). This is because I've always suffered a lot of anxiety, of which biting my nails is one symptom.

At 25 years old though - and after seeing so many great nail designs by other beauty bloggers recently - I have decided to make a concious effort to stop chomping. Painting my (very short) nails a solid colour and them chipping them in the past saw me having to pick the rest off every single nail (OCD?), and so I wanted to get a lacquer that wouldn't show imperfections so brutally.

Max Factor mini nail varnish Sunny Pink

This subtle shade should do just the trick - why would I want to bite my nails when they glint so beautifully? Whether I'll actually be able to give up my gnawing habit remains to be seen though...