Monday, 22 October 2012

Winter Warmers #2: JustJasmineBoutique Cup Cosy (& bonus Christmas decoration) Review

When I first began my hunt to find businesses which might like a review on this blog, an old university friend put me in touch with Jasmine Wighton, a lovely lady based in Brighton with a talent for all things sewing. Jasmine runs her own vintage inspired, handmade boutique by the (apt) name of Just Jasmine Boutique (often stylised as a single word).
Just Jasmine Boutique logo

JustJasmineBoutique on Facebook
The shop sells an array of different handmade items, including gifts for women, men and children. Just some of the items you will find for sell through the shop's website and Facebook page include cushion covers, place mats, baby clothes and cup cosies.

When Jasmine offered to send me one of her cup cosies to review, I was over the moon! I cannot start any day in the office without a great big coffee inside me, but I do have a habit of forgetting about my drink until it's a nasty, lukewarm temp (I usually chug it regardless - I NEED my caffeine fix!)

Jasmine's offer also came around the same time I was promised the Heat Holders socks I previously reviewed on KatSick hence; I knew this would be the second of my Winter Warmers posts.

Anyway, on with the review...

JustJasmineBoutique packaging

Before I get the cosy itself, it has got to be said that the packaging in which my items were sent was absolutely darling! Jasmine had gone to the trouble to apply her gift wrapping service (which starts from £2.95) to my parcel.

JustJasmineBoutique gift wrap

KatSick JustJasmineBoutique

When I opened up the package, blue tissue paper and a cute little 'LOVE' sticker greeted me.

Cup cosy review

Jasmine sent me one of her green polka dot cup cosies. All her cosies retail for just £5 currently, plus £1.50 P&P (multiple purchases do see P&P combined).
Just Jasmine Boutique mug cosie
Picture credit: Jasmine Wighton
I cannot express the high quality of these cup cosies enough. I know that if I were to inadvertently get some hot beverage on mine, I could put it through a cycle in the washing machine and it would live to tell the tale (not that cup cosies can talk, but you get the point!)

Even better; the elastic which loops around the button allows it to be used with almost any cup. I used mine on my takeaway Greggs coffee this morning, and it was still piping hot after an hour. Temporarily forgetting about my hot drinks will never be a problem again!
Greggs coffee cup cosie

Here you can see me in the Fresh Egg office enjoying a mug of afternoon tea, wrapped in my now trusty cup cosy (you will also notice I dyed my hair Cadbury's purple yesterday, and that I really need my fringe cut!)
KatSick afternoon cosie tea

Anyone wanting their hot beverage to the temperature drops really should invest in one of these cup cosies! One would also make a great gift for Granny this Christmas (don't get her soap again!)

Bonus gift

I was surprised to also find this charming handmade red hanging heart Christmas decoration in my package from Jasmine, which she included as a bonus gift (£5.49 + £1.50 P&P).
handmade sewing Christmas decoration
Picture credit: Jasmine Wighton
I love it! I plan to give it to my mum so she can hang it in her house. I've never decorated my bedsit for the holidays but this will look fantastic hanging from her tree (I spend every Christmas at mum's, so thankfully I'll still get to appreciate it!)

You really should take a few minutes to Like the JustJasmineBoutique Facebook page, and check out her crafts on the JJB site.
JustJasmineBoutique business card