Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Max Factor: Poor Customer Service on Facebook

Whenever I review a cosmetics item or electrical beauty appliance on this blog, I like to post a link to said review on the relevant brands' Facebook page, as well as the FBL group wall (regardless of whether it happens to be a positive or negative review).

I like to share my experiences with other consumers, to help inform their own purchase decisions. IMO, it's important companies take note of negative feedback, since such enables necessary product improvements to be made in the future.

When I blogged about Max Factor's Masterpiece Beyond Length duo mascara this Sunday then, I left a link to my review on the Max Factor Facebook page.

The moderator of the page obviously didn't read my post - at least, not immediately - because on Monday they hit the 'Like' button. You can see my response in the screen shot below.

When whoever runs the page responded, they 'Unliked' my post, probably because they felt a tad foolish! [Click the image below to enlarge it].

The provided customer services email address you can see in the image above did not work - delivery failure was reported instantly. When I informed "Max Factor" this email address is void, they asked me to try it once more by typing it in as opposed to copying and pasting, just in case.

This made no difference at all and when I told them this, do you know what happened?

They deleted my post entirely! They have made no effort to contact me since either! This is despite the fact that further posts from the brand have been published on the wall.

Strangely, this subsequent post has NOT been deleted. Yet...
I wouldn't mind but the mod said they wanted to discuss my experiences further with me.

Why invite me to seek the aid of Max Factor's customer services and then blow me off with no explanation whatsoever?

I don't have a landline telephone either, and 0800 number cost a bloody fortune from mobiles!

I have since located what I can only assume is the official contact form for Max Factor's customer services. In addition to using this form, and I will also be posting a link to this blog post on the offending Max Factor Facebook page.

I wonder if that will be deleted too?

I'll keep you posted.
[UPDATE 29/10: What happened next]