Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Pay Day Booty #1: Superdrug's MUA, Collection 2000 Big Fake mascara and Hello Kitty necklace.

Superdrug logo pink

Most ladies out there eagerly await the arrival of Pay Day, so they can hit the high street and update the contents of their cosmetics purse, and/or purchase themselves a new garment (or five!)

As such, I am hoping to make Pay Day Booty a regular feature on KatSick, to show you what I spend my own hard-earned pennies on.

An unexpected phone bill from Orange totalling more than £300 (I know! Eeeep!) meant I couldn't spend too much on treats when I was paid last week. I did pick up a few bargain bits from Worthing town though...

MUA Makeup (Superdrug)

MUA - or Makeup Academy - is my go-to brand when my bank balance is in or nearing the red. This is because the products from this phantom brand (owned by and sold in Superdrug) start from just £1 each.

You'd think such a low price point would result in artificial-looking makeup which wouldn't look out of place smeared over a little girl's styling head toy...

Styling Head toy
...but it has to be said the products are actually quite good. 

The first MUA product I ever purchased was the pressed powder in shade 1 (£1). This what I initially visited Superdrug to buy on pay day. 

MUA pressed powder Superdrug

While browsing the rest of the MUA product display, I noticed a new BB cream had been added to the range. At just £3, I was intrigued enough to add the 'Light' variant to my shopping basket.

MUA BB Cream Light

Decent BB creams are notoriously expensive and so I wasn't expecting too much, but I was pleasantly surprised. The coverage of this product is fantastic, without the consistency being too thick or heavy.

I haven't had much experience with BB creams, though I have previously purchased and used the one pictured below by 17 (£6.99). I felt 17's formula was a tad watery and ever so slightly orange, despite choosing the lightest of the range.

17 BB Cream Light

Side by side, I definitely prefer MUA's BB cream. I am keen to also review The Body Shop's BB Cream, which is white until smoothed across the skin (possible future post? Watch this space!)

When I at was at the till paying for my goods, I was informed by the checkout girl that my purchase of two MUA products meant I was entitled to a free MUA lip gloss - surprise!

She showed me three different colours of such she had by the till - a bright red, mauve and a light pink. I chose the light pink (shade 5), even though the lass serving me did say she'd be more than happy to show me all the other options available.

I'm really happy with the decision I made. Pink glosses can be a little too pink sometimes, which can make teeth look dull, and give the impression one thinks it's 1995. This gloss has an almost natural hue though and at just £1 (for a very generous 14ml) I can see it becoming a handbag must of mine.

MUA lip gloss KatSick

Collection 2000 Big Fake Ultimate Mascara Review

While in Superdrug, I also searched the makeup aisles for big brand mascaras on special offer but with no success. I'd rather not pay £12 for a mascara if I can help it, since usually only a month passes before a replacement must be purchased!

After 10 minutes of frustrated browsing, I decided to give Collection 2000's Big Fake Ultimate false lash effect mascara a go (usually £4.99, promo price £3.99).

Collection 2000 Big Fake Ultimate

I don't usually buy any mascara which is not waterproof, since non-water resistant variants have often made my eyes sting in the past. I couldn't find a waterproof version of this mascara in the store however.

I later found out this mascara is available in waterproof (my sister Jackie purchased one for herself) but IMO this product is definitely one to avoid.

You know that thick, lumpy consistency mascara gets when it's like, six months old? That's exactly what this has, despite being brand new. It seems as if the brush is too big for the tube also, since every time it is pushed into the barrel, mascara is scrapped off and left as residue around the top (what a waste!)

This mascara did not triple my volume as the tube promised, and instead produced spider lashes. Disappointing.

Hello Kitty Necklace (Claire's)

Claire's logo

Also on September's Pay Day, I noticed accessory shop Claire's was having a sale and so I decided to pop in for a quick look. I was happy to stumble across this mood-changing Hello Kitty necklace, reduced from £6.50 to just £3.

I have a penchant for Hello Kitty so I couldn't resist! The pendant changes colour depending on it's temperature; here you can see it in it's blue and green states (when the pendant is cold, it remains black as in the image above). 

Hello Kitty mood necklace blue

Hello Kitty mood necklace green

The necklace can turn orange, purple and pink too.

What did you treat yourself to on your last Pay Day? Tell me in the comments below.