Sunday, 30 December 2012

Christmas Bathtime: 'Three Wise Men' Festive Foam Bath by Ness [REVIEW]

Three Wise Men foam bath from Ness
Aside from time off work, receiving a few gifts and the family roast dinner, finally having access to Mum's bathtub was a key factor in my excitement for Christmas this year (it's the simple things in life...)

Showers - like the one in my studio flat - are fine for a quick scrub up, but hardly provide a relaxing experience! Lying down in hot water really is the best way to unwind, and sooth tired muscles and minds. As such, I spent an hour of Christmas Day in the bath, pampering myself.

This meant I finally got to try out the 'Three Wise Men' bath foam sample I was recently sent by Ness, a handmade toiletries business in Inverness.

Three Wise Men Ness bath foam sample & Soap & Glory shower puff
'Three Wise Men' bath soak sample bottle & my Soap & Glory shower puff.
'Fill the tub and your senses with this indulgent, festive bath foam. Let the notes of the frankincense  ylang ylang and orange essential oils transport you back to the nativity scene, and help you relax into the Christmas spirit.'

The fragrance: The orange essential oils occupy the top-notes of this foam's smell, while the frankincense's woodiness and the floral undertones of the ylang ylang delicately cut through in intervals.

Equally uplifting and comforting, the fragrance definitely reminds one of Christmas, though it is not sickly-sweet like many scents included in beauty and home products designed for the holidays.

The foam: I added around a quarter of the sample bottle (50ml total volume?) to my Christmas Day bath, under the hot running tap. I have to say a small amount of bubbles resulted, but I think this was due to my conservative pouring - I wanted to get as many baths out of the little bottle as possible!

Unfortunately, it is not clear on Ness' website as to how many millilitres are included in the full size version (£8.95), but the bottle does appear to be fairly sizeable.

I have since used the bath foam in the shower with my (recently acquired) Soap & Glory shower puff, and the product foamed up much more! I like how the scent lingers on my skin with this method also. The resulting foam is luxuriously soft and moisturising - it seemed a shame to eventually rinse off and watch the bubbles spiral down the drain!

Final thoughts

Considering the product's name, this bath foam would obviously make a great Christmas gift for a loved one. However, I would not be adverse to buying this for someone - or myself - at any other time of year - it's lovely!

Even better; Ness is a social enterprise and works to provide training for adults who face barriers when it comes to finding employment. Not only will your skin be left sumptuously soft then, but each Ness purchase will also help to make a huge difference to someone's life.

You can take a closer look at the full size 'Three Wise Men' bath soak, and Ness' other wonderful-looking handmade products by visiting their website (click the banner below).

Ness logo and ethos

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Crazy Colour Haul: Semi Permanent Hair Colour [Marshmallow | Pinkissimo | Hot Purple | Cyclamen]

This is just a quick post to share the quartet of bright hair dyes I received today, from Soho's Clothing.

Crazy Colour bright hair colouring dye haul and box KatSick
Crazy Colour hair dyes (100ml) retail for £3.99 each on, or you can choose to buy four for £12.99
I noticed the site was offering a 20% discount on all orders placed using a special, Christmas checkout code (now void - sorry!), and so I just couldn't resist ordering some!

With £1.95 P&P and the 20% off, I got all four bottles for just £12.34. What a bargain! I used to pay £5.99 per bottle of Crazy Colour at the Brighton Sally's store between 2006-09!

I must say I was incredibly impressed with the super-speedy delivery of this dye haul too - I placed my order at 2pm yesterday, yet it was in my hands at 10am this morning. Incredible!

I have used MANY bright hair dye brands (seriously, I've been colouring my hair wacky colours for over a decade...) and Crazy Colour is - from my experience - by no means the best. It has been a few years since I last used this dye though, and I figure maybe I'll get on with it better this time around...

I'll be sure to let you know!

Anyway, let's have a closer look at each of the colours I bought.


Marshmallow Crazy Colour hair dye colouring Renbow

Crazy Colour recently added three 'pastel shades' to it extensive colour catalogue, of which 'Marshmallow' is one.

As you can see from the picture, this dye has a somewhat purple appearance. When applied to very pale blonde hair however, it apparently produces a very light pink, akin to the mane of beautiful, Pennsylvanian fashion blogger Audrey Kitching.

Audrey Kitching Marshmallow pink hair dye Crazy Colour
Audrey Kitching.
Unless I somehow manage to get my hair near-white (note to self: buy lots of peroxide!), I'm sure this dye won't do much, do to it's comparatively low saturation. I'll certainly have a hoot trying it out though.


Pinkissimo Crazy Colour hair dye colouring Renbow

I used to use 'Pinkissimo' regularly back in the day, and as the snap above indicates, this dye gives a vivid, fuchsia result.

The dye doesn't have the same staying power as bright pinks from Special Effects or Manic Panic (meaning refreshing the colour every 10 days or so is necessary for maintenance) but it is a much cheaper option.


Cyclamen Crazy Colour hair dye colouring Renbow

The picture doesn't make it clear, but this dye is a purple-meets-pink jewel colour (I've used this before also, and it progressively lightens to pink with each wash). It the perfect midway shade between Pinkissimo and the final dye I purchased...

Hot Purple

Hot Purple Crazy Colour hair dye colouring Renbow

I've never used this shade of Crazy Colour, but it looks as if it is exactly the same as Direction's 'Plum' which I've used often in the last year. I am hoping this has a similar staying power, i.e. basically permanent!


Keep an eye out for some results pics as we enter the New Year - I plain to stain my Mum's bathroom (and hopefully, my hair too) over the Christmas break ;]


Monday, 17 December 2012

Eye Experiment #2: 'Blue Glamour' Crazy Lenses & Cheryl Cole's Eyelure Festival Lashes

I've been meaning to do another 'Eye Experiment' post for a while, since I received lots of great feedback for my first one, published back in October.

This experiment is a little simpler than the last, since the look comprises just two items; 'Blue Glamour' Crazy Lenses and Cheryl Cole's Eylure 'Festival Lashes.'

Eye Experiment 2 KatSick Final Look
See the end of this post for more pictures!

'Blue Glamour' KatSick Kit

Cheryl Cole's Eylure Festival Lashes

I bought these fake lashes on a whim while in Savers last week (I'm not a Cheryl Cole or Girls Aloud fan!)

At just £1, I really couldn't resist giving them a go!

Cheryl Cole Eylure Festival Lashes
£1...a bargain, or just crap?
Cheryl Cole Eylure Festival Lashes close up
A closer look...

The zip-pouch also contained a tube of application glue and a Girl's Aloud/Eylure lanyard. I had absolutely no purpose for the latter and as such, I threw it straight in the bin.

Girls Aloud Eyelure false lashes lanyard
Thought you might want to see it anyway...

Crazy Lenses 'Blue Glamour' contact lenses recently sent me a set of 90-day 'Blue Glamour' fashion contact lenses to review, which I saved for this Eye Experiment.

Blue Glamour fashion contact lenses
'Blue Glamour' contact lenses by Crazy Lenses, £12.99
I was also sent a bottle of contact lens cleaning solution, to keep them in optimal condition between wears. 

Edit Contact Lens cleaning solution bottle

Removing the silver foil which covers each of the two glass lens containers reveals a rubber stopper. As such, a little solution can be placed in each to keep the lenses clean and moist while in storage.

I used a permanent marker to mark one stopper 'L' and the other 'R', to prevent muddling the lenses and any subsequent cross-contamination.

Contact lens stopper markings 'L' and 'R'

Without further ado, here are the three steps to follow to achieve the 'Blue Glamour' look...

Step #1

Photographing your own eyes is much harder than you might think...
Apply a layer of your preferred mascara to the lashes of each of your eyes. 

Step #2

Once the mascara is dry, it's time to gently insert each of the contact lenses. 

Take one lens and place it on your index finger. After ensuring the lens is the right way around (i.e. bowled away from you), look straight ahead into a mirror. Use your thumb and another finger to separate your top and bottom lids, while using your index finger to gently place the lens over your pupil.

This a little tricky for those new to contact lenses (I'm a rookie myself!), but practise makes perfect! You may need to close your eyelid once the lens is against your eye, and use your finger to gently manipulate the lens into the right place - this is not as scary or uncomfortable as it may sound!

Contact lense on fingertip application
The squeamish bit!
Eye Experiment 2 fashion contact lens step 2

NOTE: Step #1 and #2 can be switched if preferred. I just felt it would be harder to apply mascara after inserting each of the lenses in to my (usually very sensitive) eyes.

Step #3

Now it's time to apply the Cheryl Cole Festival Lashes. Simply spread a layer of the enclosed glue across the lash line of each set and once tacky, carefully affix along your own natural lash line. 

You may have to realign the falsies a few times to ensure they're in exactly the right place. 

And that's it! Here's some pics of me donning 'Blue Glamour' eyes...

Double eye shot Blue Glamour contact lenses KatSick

Eye Experiment 2 Context 1

Eye Experiment 2 Context 2
Yes, I changed my hair AGAIN.

Final thoughts & Crazy Lenses Review

I have to say I actually prefer the eyelashes I purchased from Poundland and used in Eye Experiment #1! Cheryl Cole's Festival Lashes didn't seem to stick as well, and I found them to be too dramatic/an odd shape (though you could trim them down if preferred). 

I was also disappointed the lashes' gold flecks weren't very noticeable once applied. But hey, they cost a £1 (not that I intend to buy any more).

I was pleasantly surprised about the easy application process for the fashion contact lenses I received from My eyes stream with tears when met with the tiniest amount of sunshine or cold wind, so I didn't think my fingers going so close to my eyes would bode well at all!

You have to ensure the lenses are placed in just the right place, which is tricky. Once there though, you can't tell your wearing the lenses at all. Other people will notice though and that's what's so great about them. Since these lenses are somewhat natural looking at first glance, people gaze into your peepers a while before questioning if you're wearing lenses. 

Of course, more aesthetically dramatic contact lenses are also available in the extensive Crazy Lenses catalogue - go and have a browse! There's certainly a few other designs I am interested in experimenting with in the future.

Do let me know what you think of this Eye Experiment.


Sunday, 9 December 2012

LED Cosmetics Mirror by Pebble Grey [REVIEW]

Pebble Grey specialises in beautifully modern mirrors, cabinets, lighting and accessories for bathrooms. The brand works hard to ensure its luxury products - including LED, illuminated and infinity mirrors, and glass shelves, towel hooks and robe bars (etc.) - are as environmentally-friendly and durable as possible, while always aesthetically stunning.

Currently, customers who spend over £150 in a single transaction will receive an LED-lit handbag cosmetics mirror (priced at £14.99) absolutely FREE. I was recently sent one of these mirrors to review.

Pebble Grey LED Makeup mirror main

Pebble Grey LED Makeup Mirror: Presentation

I really like the presentation box in which the makeup mirror was placed. The granite colour of the box compliments the Pebble Grey brand, and its logo is neatly embossed in silver to the front.

Pebble Grey handbag mirror presentation box front

The reverse of the presentation box meanwhile, discreetly features Pebble Grey's website URL.

Pebble Grey handheld mirror presentation box reverse

The box indicates its contents as high-end immediately, providing a great first impression.

Upon opening the box, a lovely, black velvet draw-cord gift bag is found, also marked with the Pebble Grey logo. This bag allows the owner to protect their LED mirror from potential scratches and dings while carrying it about in a handbag.

Pebble Grey mirror velvet gift bag

Under this bag lies the cosmetics mirror itself...

Pebble Grey LED Makeup Mirror front review

Pebble Grey LED Cosmetics Mirror reverse
Attractive reverse of the LED makeup mirror.

Pebble Grey LED Makeup mirror lit up open

Pebble Grey Makeup Mirror: The Features

  • Double sided 
  • 2 x Magnification
  • 6 x 0.12W LEDs
  • Battery type: 23A (included)
Although not listed as a feature on, I think it should also be noted this mirror can be bent back fully, without fear of breaking the hinge-mechanism or electronics inside.

Handbag makeup mirror bent fully back Pebble Grey

Is this LED mirror a handbag must?

I have to say I was really surprised regarding how lightweight this mirror is, and the great brightness of its LEDs. The mirror's lighting really does see applying makeup in my poorly-lit studio flat a much easier task.

The lights are also very helpful for checking I've not smudged my makeup efforts, should I find myself waiting somewhere outside to meet a friend during these dark winter evenings.

The 2 x magnification meanwhile, makes fiddly beauty tasks such as plucking brows and using liquid eyeliner much simpler (magnification is no substitute for a steady hand, but certainly helps!)

There is only one downside to this mirror as far as I am concerned - sometimes the reflection is a little too good! If you've had a rough couple of days, or haven't been getting all the Zzzzzs you need, I would avoid looking in this mirror since every skin blemish will be twice-magnified, which could negatively impact your self esteem.

Personally, it acts as a great reminder to drink more water!

If there's a lady in you life for whom you still have not purchased a Christmas gift, this mirror could be the ideal solution.


To read more about this mirror and see a fantastic range of bathroom wares, be sure to visit Remember; you'll get this mirror free if you spend £150.


Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The Body Shop Banana Conditioner, Raspberry Born Lippy and Vitamin E Night Cream sample

The Body Shop recycled brown paper bag

A few months back, I acquired a voucher for The Body Shop, granting me £3 off any item. This voucher had a plastic pot attached to it, to be filled with a free sample of one of the brand's signature products.

The Body Shop £3 discount and sample voucher

I finally made use of this coupon today, with a visit to the Worthing store during my lunch hour. I decided to buy The Body Shop's much-loved banana conditioner (£4.50 for 250ml), which has returned to the shelves after many years, due to popular demand.

The Body Shop Banana hair conditioner

I have never used this product myself, but after seeing so many other beauty bloggers rave about it lately, I decided to go and give it a sniff. It smells absolutely divine! Not only does it contain banana puree, but Fair Trade honey too.

Foam banana sweets tuck shop
Remember these sweets? The Body Shop's banana conditioner smells just like them!
I hope my hair agrees with this conditioner, and it is rich enough to provide good coverage. I get through an awful lot of conditioner usually, so I am not sure I would have bought his item should I have not had the £3 discount (meaning I paid £1.50). I'll let you know my thoughts.

Not wanting to appear cheap, I bought another item as part of the same transaction; The Body Shop's raspberry 'Born Lippy' lip balm (£2 for 10ml).

Born Lippy raspberry The Body Shop

While this lip balm also smells - and tastes - lovely, has a pleasing pink tint, and has left my chapped lips feeling instantly more supple, it was a bit of a redundant purchase.

Why? Because I already have a COLOSSAL COLLECTION OF LIP GOO.

To prove my point, I have just emptied the contents of my handbag and coat pockets. Here are the lip products I found...

KatSick lip goo hoard
This is not even a quarter of the lip care products I own. So, why can I never find a lip balm or gloss when I need one!?
In no way did I need to buy another lip balm!

Vlogger Jenna Marbles actually mentioned goo hoarding recently, as part of her video 'Things I don't understand about girls' (I have embedded this to the bottom of this post, for your enjoyment).

Anyway, which free sample did I select?

The Body Shop Vit E Night Cream sample
♫ The best things in life are wee... 
That would be the Vitamin E Night Cream (RRP £4 for 15ml, or £11 for 50ml). 

I have to say, the lady who served me could have been a little more generous with her sample! The pot isn't even that big to begin with (5ml) so the smidge she supplied is a little disappointing. Hopefully my skin will appreciate it though! We'll see...


Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Total Shaving Solution [REVIEW]: Why I'm an Oil Convert

The few people unfortunate enough to have laid eyes on my bare pins will know I am a complete calamity when it comes to shaving - I'm riddled with scars! When I was invited to review Total Shaving Solution - a shaving oil which promises no cuts or irritation - then, I was intrigued enough to step up.
Total Shaving Solution 10ml review
I was sent the 10ml bottle to review. Price: €5 

Total Shaving Solution TM is a 100% natural shaving oil. It gives you the closest shave you'll ever experience, and it's kind to your skin, making bumps, redness and cuts a thing of the past.

100% natural ingredients: Sesame seed oil, soya bean oil, grapeseed oil, menthol, clove bud oil and lavender oil. NO ALCOHOLS, DYES, SALTS, PERFUMES, SOAPS OR CHEMICALS.

Total Shaving Solution 10ml unboxed
Total Shaving Solution, unboxed. The print  on the bottle - like the box above - is a little dishevelled through use.
I used to think my endless shaving cuts were caused by rushing the shaving process (at over 6ft tall, de-fuzzing my legs is no quick task!) but after trying Total Shaving Solution, I think the shaving foams I have traditionally used are to blame. Bubbly, white foam has often seen my razor slip and nick my skin as a result.

'Protective layer' my arse, Mr Gillette!

Total Shaving Solution however, causes no such woes. In fact, after shaving my left leg with great caution - and without sustaining a single injury - I attacked the hair on my right leg with far more vigour. Again; I didn't cut myself once. Irritation? No. A fine, close shave? Why....YES!

While the bottle may seem incredibly small, a little goes a long way. Applying  a few drops to the area to be shaved, and then adding plenty of water is enough to see the blades of your razor glide and cut efficiently.

I didn't quite believe this initially, and so I applied more then the recommended three drops to my first leg. Massaging in plenty of water sees the oil become ever so slightly 'soapy' (that's really not the best choice of adjective, since the product contains no soap whatsoever!) but it won't come off until the area is shaved or, alternatively, washed with a product such as shower gel.

I applied just three drops to my second leg, which provided sufficient coverage, and protection.

I am not quite sure how to describe the scent of Total Shaving Solution, other than "clean", and subtly minty. It is certainly a gender-neutral smell (though adding a sweet scent, and changing the box to black and pink would certainly see the product more appealing for the female market, in my opinion!)

I have to say I am extremely impressed by Total Shaving Solution. I've used it a few times now and I definitely have no immediate plans to revert back to foam!

If you want to try out the fantastic Total Shaving Solution for yourself (and I suggest you do!), you should visit the website. You can also follow the brand on Twitter.


Sunday, 2 December 2012

'Any Which Way' Acrylic Necklaces, from UK Jewellery Wholesaler Balagan Group [REVIEW]

Balagan Group Any Which Way necklace review

Last month I reviewed a selection of accessories sent to me by the lovely Rachel of leading UK jewellery wholesaler Balagan Group. The Balagan Group boasts 11 different jewellery collections, each of which are unique in ethos, and its presentation packaging. 

This post focuses on the Any Which Way line, of which I was recently sent three necklaces to review. 

Any Which Way logo Balagan Group

From the Balagan Group catalogue: 

"Any Which Way is our collection of jewellery designed and made in acrylic. It is a fun and quirky collection that takes modern shapes and motifs, and reworks and supercharges them to create statement pieces in wickedly bright colourways. So whether you're a rock 'n' rock chick, or more of a tweetie pie, you'll find something to delight."

Here are some example pieces from Any Which Way... 
AnyWhichWay necklace collage acrylic
...and here's a closer look at the three pieces I received to review:

Cherry Red Rocket Necklace, Any Which Way

rocket necklace AnyWhichWay high res
£10 (High resolution image supplied by Balagan Group)

Cherry red rocket necklace Any Which Way

This rocket necklace (£10) is made from incredibly durable acrylic, which is cut superbly. I've only worn this necklace once so far, but it's already received many compliments. 

I really like how it sits on the chest at an angle, as if it is in flight, and the detailing is really quite impressive. How the rear flame remains so rigid despite the significant cut-out within is beyond me!

The supplied chain is adjustable, and so you can wear it as high or low as preferred. The Test Card F-style presentation box it came in (pictured above) is really cool too. I think this - or any of the necklaces comprised in this post, in fact -  would make a great stocking filler this Christmas. 

Black Magic Rock & Roll Necklace, Any Which Way

£12 (High resolution image supplied by Balagan Group)
Rock n roll necklace Any Which Way presentation box

I haven't worn this necklace yet, as I plan to team it with a specific outfit I am wearing to a special event next week. I can tell you however, it's just as strong as the before-mentioned rocket necklace, and the detail is just as charming. 

Not only is the font perfect for those with a love of rockabilly style,  but I also really love how the ampersand (&) is designed to look like the neck and body of a guitar. This is without a doubt my favourite of the three necklace I was sent, and I'd pay it's £12 RRP in a heartbeat!

This rock & roll necklace is also adjustable, and it comes in its own presentation case, this time featuring a warm, orange flower design.

Urban Purple Key Necklace, Any Which Way

key necklace AnyWhichWay high res
£8 (High resolution image supplied by Balagan Group)

Urban Purple  key necklace Balagan Group review

Although the high resolution image included above shows the 'black magic' key, I was actually sent the 'urban purple' variant to review (this necklace is also available in 'foxy grey'). The high res. image does however, clearly show the intricate looping at the key's head far better than my own snapshot!

Unlike the previous two necklaces, this key (£8) is supplied on a silk string, which can be simply bow-tied at the wearer's preferred length. Once again, the acrylic used is especially tough. I have worn this often in the last fortnight, and it's quite the conversation starter - comments such as "Nice key" have seen me talking to all kinds of once-strangers!

This necklace comes in a slightly smaller presentation case, comprising a complimenting purple-meets-blue floral background. 

All in all, I am very impressed with the Any Which Way collection, which I feel offers 'something for everyone', as well as fantastic value for money. 


If you fancy buying an awesome Any Which Way item - or two - for yourself or a loved one, you should visit stockist Remember to order early enough to guarantee delivery in time for Christmas!


Saturday, 1 December 2012

Brighton Blowout & Primark Palava [or; 'Why I now own a onesie']

Primark logo brown paper bag
I should really hoover the carpet...
When I lived in Brighton during my university days, I tried to always stick to the (well, my) golden rule of "NEVER go shopping on a Saturday."

An influx of shoppers (read as morons) descend into the city on weekends. These shoppers are the kind which can't comprehend how to walk with any purpose, and love to abruptly stop in the middle of pavements to do nothing accept halt the 100s of people behind them.

Travelling to Brighton today to buy some bits and pieces then, was a very bad idea.

For some reason, I convinced myself that - despite Christmas being just around the corner - it wouldn't be too busy, due to the freezing cold weather. I even gave the expected shoppers the benefit of the doubt, thinking they wouldn't dither about so they could quickly get home and out of the cold.

Oh, how wrong I was! Slow-walking dimwits littered the streets, and Primark.

Primark Palava

I know, I know...Primark is basically the Dante's Inferno of stressful shopping experiences. Needing to buy a few pairs of thick tights for winter however, I figured this the best place to start my shopping trip (strangely, Primark is one of the few places I can find affordable tights long enough for my 6ft 1" frame).

I was also thinking I might be able to find a cheap, attractive pair of flat shoes there.

Collecting my tights on the ground floor was relatively easy. It's when I started hunting for shoes on the top deck that I became increasingly frustrated. Not only did it seem like people were purposely getting in my way at every turn, but I also heard many inane snippets of conversation, such as the following:

  • GIRL #1: "O.M.G, look at how much stuff you're carrying!" GIRL #2: "I know! I don't even really want any of this stuff!" *Proceeds to throw another pair of glittery heels into her basket*
  • GIRL #3: "I don't have an eating disorder, all girls make themselves sick these days."
  • GIRL #4 (to her friends, regarding shoes): "So, are you thinking party-glam, glam-glam, glamour, glamour-casual, casual-casual, or killer-meets-casual?"

Oh dear.

Anyway, I eventually found some flats I liked in size 9 and tried them on. Too big. I hunted for, and eventually found, the same shoes in an 8. Too small. Right...

At this point I'd given up on the shoes, and decided I should just queue up to pay for the tights. Only the queue was MILES long. I ditched the hosiery and decided to shop elsewhere.

Upon leaving Primark, I saw the pavements had become even more crowded, so chose to stand out of the way and smoke a cigarette (I know...) while deciding my next move.

I started people-watching and quickly noticed how most were discussing Christmas and carrying multiple bags of gifts for friends and loved ones. This is a bit of a sore point for me since my family is not celebrating this year (there's a few reasons...). After my final toke, I didn't much fancy going into any other shops, especially because it was so cold out.

But I really did need to buy tights! Back into Primark then. SIGH.

Did I leave with just tights? Ha! It's always leave with more than you go in for!

I was shivering and noticed a selection of women's and men's onesies hanging up by the hosiery section. I almost resisted the temptation (I've previously mocked the onesie trend), but knowing my flat would be freezing this evening I gave in and bought one.

I didn't like the women's options - a rabbit, and an unidentifiable pink thing - and so I chose to buy the men's skeleton option.
Primark skelleton onesie men
£12, Primark
Primark bone onesie head feet and non-slip grip
Skeleton hood, feet and non-slip grip
Primark only had this onesie in an XL, so not only is it too wide but, surprisingly, it's too long for me also. It's not like I'm going to wear it outside, so who cares right (plus extra material theoretically equates extra warmth...)

At the till I also succumbed to an impulse purchase - a small vial of Argan Oil. I've been meaning to deep-treat my hair for a while since I've dyed it so much lately, but I'm still kinda peeved I bought something else I had not originally intended to - it best do wonders for my locks!
Primark Argan Oil hair treatment
£2.50, Primark
Noticing the checkout dude was dragging the legs of my new onesie across the floor while packing it into a paper bag (covering it in dust and various bits of Primark-label debris in the process) I decided Home Time was long overdue.

Brighton Blowout

As if I wasn't already in a foul mood, I nearly died on the way back to Brighton train station. Seeing the traffic lights of the road I needed to cross were red, I started walking. As I got to about three quarters of the way to the other side, the lights lit amber.

Apparently amber is the new green though, and an impatient taxi driver started driving speedily towards my legs, which I very nearly lost. I yelled "PRICK!" and angrily moved on.

Right, I'm done venting for now. If you'll excuse me, I'm going to climb into my onesie and huddle under endless blankets...