Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Rocky The Zombie T-Shirt Review: Zombie Raver DJ (Happy Halloween!)

Since today is Halloween, it seems appropriate to finally review this shirt I was recently sent from Rocky The Zombie - a hand-pulled, screen printing clothing and arts company based in Southsea, Hampshire, and operated by one lady; the lovely Ranon.

When asked to pick out a shirt for review, I couldn't resist this 'Zombie Raver DJ' print (£12).
Zombie DJ Rocky The Zombie print

I'm thrilled to feature Rocky The Zombie on KatSick - I've been a happy customer of the business a few times before. Below you can see me (very intoxicated and heavily pierced) back in 2008, wearing a RTZ 'Umbrella' design, which I wore to - it's literal - death.
KatSick & friends 2008
Quite glad I don't look like this any more...though gosh, I look happy (drunk)!

I love the Rocky The Zombie brand for the following reasons:

  • The the designs are adorable (duh!)
  • The inks used for printing are not those awful ones which crack and flake through wear, or washing machine spins
  • Ranon makes great efforts to ensure her business is as eco-friendly as possible. Not only are the shirts used made of organic cotton, but the inks are Permaset water-based (chemical free!). Her packaging is fully recyclable too!
  • Custom orders are not a problem - in fact, RTZ invites them!
  • RTZ doesn't just design and print adult T-shirts - hoodies, baby clothes, tote bags, jewellery and more is available though the main site and Etsy store

Rocky The Zombie packaging

Every time I have bought goods from RTZ, my goods have been beautifully wrapped. This time was no different - I opened the purple mailing bag to find my shirt neatly folded and wrapped within mauve tissue paper.
Rocky The Zombie gift wrap KatSick

A sparkly green ribbon was also wrapped around my shirt, with a Rocky The Zombie double-sided business/care instructions card lovingly attached.
Rocky The Zombie business card 1 KatSick

Rocky The Zombie business card 2 Kat Sick

Zombie Raver DJ Shirt

You already know I love the motif, so what else can I tell you about this shirt?

Well, the organic cotton is really soft, comfortable and breathable (unlike some handmade shirt companies I have bought from in the past, which employ the cheapest shirts they can possible find for maximum profit!)

I am particularly impressed with the fact this shirt is long enough for me. At 6ft 1" tall, too often I have purchased lady-fit shirts only to find they barely reach my hip line! This fits perfectly however.

This evening I've learnt just how difficult is it to take a body shot of yourself - even using the timer on my phone camera did not stop me from looking gormless/in the wrong direction/both in every shot! This however is the best of the batch and will have to do for now...
"Braaaaiiiiins..." (or something to that effect)
Remember to check out Rocky The Zombie's wares for yourself!

Happy Halloween!

Monday, 29 October 2012

Max Factor Customer Service Update & Apology Booty

You might remember a little while ago I wrote a post regarding some poor customer service I experienced on the Max Factor UK Facebook page [click here if you missed the post].

As promised, I published a link to my previous post on the Max Factor Facebook wall, in the hope that this time I would not be ignored/my complaint would not be deleted.

Well, apparently - as you will read in the screen capture below - my original link and the associated posts were not deleted by those moderating the Max Factor page. I'm still dubious as to whether this is so...but to be fair, my follow up post has not so far been removed.
Max Factor facebook feedback complaint
Click to enlarge
The email address provided by the MF Facebook team this time actually worked(!), and someone promptly replied to me regarding my complaint (which was originally about Max Factor's terrible Masterpiece Beyond Length mascara, but had since morphed into a moan about their lack of consumer care).

In regards to the mascara I complained about, nothing was really said at all. Rather; the contact apologised for my struggle in reaching Max Factor/P&G customer services, and asked for my postal address so that the company could forward some compensatory vouchers to me.

I received these vouchers today - £13 worth (which I thought was a weird sum, not that I am any less thankful for the gesture!) A note of apology was also included with the vouchers, but disappointingly  this appeared to be the 'go to' letter for the company, and was not handwritten - or even signed - by a real person, unlike the apology letter I received from Montagne Jeunesse.

Anyway, I was glad to finally have my complaint acknowledged  At lunch time today, I headed down to Boots to exchange my coupons for a few goodies.

Max Factor Voucher Haul

KatSick Max Factor Apology haul

  • Max Factor Colour Adapt (shade 40, Creamy Ivory) £10, 34ml
  • Max Factor Mini Nail Polish (shade 36, Lacquer Noir) £3.99, 4.5ml
  • Max Factor Mini Nail Polish (shade 05, Sunny Pink) £3.99, 4.5ml

Since Boots is current offering 3 for 2 on all of its cosmetics, the above booty totalled £13.98 (though I only paid 98p thanks to my vouchers).

My previous bottle of Colour Adapt ran out a while ago, and so I was keen to replace it. I love this foundation -  it's light and airy, while providing great coverage. It feels really silky which makes it an absolute indulgence to apply. I bought the lightest shade because I'm rather adverse to the sun, and therefore extremely pale (read as 'interesting' *WINK*).

I purchased the black polish for my tootsies. I don't know why, but this has always been my favourite colour (if black can be called a 'colour', fight among yourselves) to paint on my toe nails!

The 'Sunny Pink' meanwhile is a very light, almost clear pink with shimmery gold undertones. I purchased this because the state the nails on my hands are absolutely AWFUL (more to come on that point later this week). This is because I've always suffered a lot of anxiety, of which biting my nails is one symptom.

At 25 years old though - and after seeing so many great nail designs by other beauty bloggers recently - I have decided to make a concious effort to stop chomping. Painting my (very short) nails a solid colour and them chipping them in the past saw me having to pick the rest off every single nail (OCD?), and so I wanted to get a lacquer that wouldn't show imperfections so brutally.

Max Factor mini nail varnish Sunny Pink

This subtle shade should do just the trick - why would I want to bite my nails when they glint so beautifully? Whether I'll actually be able to give up my gnawing habit remains to be seen though...


Sunday, 28 October 2012

First Eye Experiment: Starry Eyed (Inspired by Karla Powell)

KatSick starry eyed collection
Inspired by the work of awesome MUA Karla Powell, I have decided to start experimenting with eye makeup looks a little more flamboyant than those I would wear day-to-day. This my first 'Eye Experiment', which I have named 'Starry Eyed.'

'Starry Eyed' KatSick Kit

KatSick kit starry eyed
  • Barry M Dazzle Dust (shade 81, Crystal Blue)
  • Collection 2000 Dazzle Me! (shade 8, Bedazzle)
  • MUA BB cream (shade Light)
  • Allura false eyelashes (99p, from Poundland)
  • Bourjois Contour Clubbing waterproof eyeliner (shade 45, Blue Remix)
  • Miss Cole glitter pallet (from a gift set)
  • Silver, star shaped nail decals (less than £2, from Savers)
All of the items above were already present in my makeup collection, but I did buy the fake eyelashes especially for this experiment. I have never worn false lashes before and therefore didn't want to splash the cash in case I couldn't get to grips with them!

This is why I bought two pairs for £1 from Poundland. Though they're definitely not the best falsies available, I was pleasantly surprised with how easy they were to apply.

It is quite likely you won't have all of the items listed above but similar, alternative products can be used to create this look.

Step #1

Starry eyed base KatSick
After applying a coat of your preferred mascara, pat a very thin layer of BB cream over the eyelid and allow to dry a little before gently rubbing smooth. The is the base to which the eye-shadow will stick (you can use a primer - I just don't currently own one!)

Step #2

Starry eyed shadow KatSick

Using an eyeshadow brush, apply a layer of Collection 2000 Dazzle Me! 'Bedazzle' over the top eyelid (go above the crease a little). Draw a line along the bottom lashes using the blue waterproof pencil, and brush some Crystal Blue Barry M Dazzle Dust over the top.

You can see I got debris on my cheek during this step, but this is nothing a face wipe cant rectify.

Step #3:

Starry eyed more blue KatSick

Carefully apply the false lashes (cut the length of these down a little if required/preferred - I did!) Once these are in position and firmly attached, lightly apply the Crystal Blue shadow over the top eyelid, up to the crease so the previously applied yellow shadow peeks through.

Step #4

Starry eyed close KatSick
Apply a mix of the blue and silver glitter from the Miss Cole pallet to the outside corner of the eye (I used more silver than blue). Stick two star shaped nail decals to the outside of the top lid.

And voila - that's it!
Starry Eyed finished KatSick

Definitely not a look for the office! What do you think? I'll be sure to post some more Eye Experiments soon!


Saturday, 27 October 2012

Sparklable Jewellery: Pink Shamballa Bracelet Review

As I girl with a penchant for all things sparkly, I have been interested in buying myself a shamballa bracelet for a while (in case you're not quite sure what a shamballa bracelet is, I have included an explanation to the end of this post).

I have wandered past several Worthing Market stalls selling shamballa bracelets recently, but I'm always dubious to the quality of the goods sold in such places.

When the opportunity to review one from Sparklable Jewellery - a handmade jewellery business started by Chris; a woman who adores the appearance and emotional impact of gemstones - arose then, I was really pleased.

I picked out the 8-ball baby pink variant, which retails for £10...

Sparklable Jewellery Shamballa bracelet review

Shambhala Pink bracelet Sparklable Jewellery

The picture above really does not give this shamballa bracelet the justice it deserves - it is incredibly sparkly! I especially love how it glints when I am outside and the winter sun is just starting to disappear into the night.

Here's a closer look at the bracelet's beautiful pink metal, glass gem-encrusted balls.
Pink Shamballa bracelet close up

The quality of this bracelet is fantastic; there is no risk of the gems inadvertently going astray (I have mentioned my fear of this in a previous KatSick bracelet review). I can adjust the pull-ties fairly vigorously too, without worry I might cause any damage.

This lovely bracelet is finished off with the inclusion of two Haematite balls, at the end of each pull-tie (long enough to allow the bracelet to be made into an anklet, if preferred). The healing properties of Haematite are said to include:

♥ Focus ♥ Concentration ♥ Willpower ♥ Reliability ♥ Courage ♥ Confidence ♥ Optimism ♥ Trust ♥ Stability ♥ Protection.

You can see these balls in the picture of the bracelet on my wrist below.
KatSick Sparklable Shamballa bracelet

Sparklable Jewellery Packaging

Whether buying one of Sparklable Jewellery's shamballa bracelets for yourself or a loved one, you'll be pleased to know that each item arrives delicately wrapped inside tissue paper, and placed inside a shimmery gift bag.

Sparklable Jewellery gift bag

Sparklable Jewellery gift wrap

I think any lady would love to receive one of these shamballa bracelets this Christmas - I have hardly taken mine off since it arrived!

What is a Shamballa bracelet?

Back in 1994, Mads Kornerup (Denmark) opened up his own jewellery shop in Rue de Sevigne, Paris, which relocated to New York just two years later. In both of its locations, the shop specialised in the retail of pieces inspired by Indian and Tibetans traditions, but it was "the NY years" which saw Mads begin to experiment with creating his very own jewellery designs.

2004 saw Mad team up with his brother Mikkel, to launch jewellery company Shamballa Jewels, and in this year the duo released their first collection. The pieces - including the now iconic bracelet - were designed to "encourage the possibility of the wearer [connecting] with their inner compassion and wisdom", and were inspired by the mythical Buddhist kingdom of Shambhala (also often considered the final chakra, found inside the hearts of all people).

Shamballa Jewels bracelet: £81,494.00
Jay-Z was one of the first celebrities to be seen wearing a Shamballa Jewels bracelet, which he had custom made by the company. Since, the accessory has become very popular among the A-list, as well as every day folk.

Considering the high cost of official Shamballa Jewels bracelets - which comprise 18ct white gold and endless, brilliantly cut 18ct diamonds - many jewellery companies are making their own variants, using less precious (read as 'expensive') materials, naming them 'shamballa bracelets'.

If you want an affordable, but gorgeous shamballa bracelet, remember to visit the Sparklable Jewellery store.


Thursday, 25 October 2012 Great Prescription Glasses from £8 (& High Street Price Comparison)

KatSick Specsavers glasses

I got the prescription glasses I am wearing in the image above last year, when it was discovered staring at a VDU every working day was likely responsible for the incessant migraines I was suffering at the time.

My boss gave me a voucher good for a free eye examination at a well known high street opticians, and a pair of glasses up to the value of £40 should the test find I was in need of corrective eyewear. This was thanks to a scheme which sees employers needing to ensure they fulfil a 'duty of care', by preventing those who work with computers from ending up with dodgy peepers.

I was told I should wear my new low-level prescription specs (which cost a tad more than £40) whenever I noticed I was straining my eyes to read, or I felt a headache coming on.

Uh oh, I thought. I wore glasses when I was a young child and had an awful habit of breaking them, or inadvertently losing them (though I'm not sure I lost the thick pink-framed, NHS plastic ones I had as a six year old accidentally...).

I have been really careful not loose these ones though - I really can't afford a replacement pair at the moment. That's what I thought anyway...

Now that I have discovered how easy is it to enter a prescription on, I needn't worry so much - their prescription glasses start from just £8!

High Street Opticians: Price Comparison

The table below (which I expertly put together in Excel, haha!) shows the cheapest pair of adult, women's prescription glasses available at three of the largest UK high street opticians, compared to As you can see, SelectSpecs is the most affordable.

SelectSpecs Review

I was recently asked if I would like to review a pair of glasses from SelectSpecs and of course, I was happy to oblige! I had grown a tad bored of my black rectangular frames, and wanted to try some frames a little more colourful.

When I went into my usual opticians store to ask for a copy of my prescription (required when ordering glasses from Selectspecs), the lady who served me asked me why I needed a duplicate.

"Because your prices are extortionate!"

OK, I didn't say that. I mumbled something along the lines of "Er...ummm...I just need a copy..."

She looked at me oddly but did fulfil my request.

Once I had finally finished ooo-ing and ah-ing at the endless number frames available on the SelectSpecs site (and the many gorgeous, competitively priced designer sunglasses in the SS catalogue) I finally settled on a pair to order. This meant it was time to enter my prescription.

This was actually much easier than I thought it would be! There were plenty of SelectSpecs tips included during the entire checkout process, which makes it really hard to get anything wrong! The site even reminds you to check that you have entered the correct prescription for each eye

The best thing to do though, is to ensure you have someone close by when you plan to place your order, since it is incredibly hard to measure your own pupillary distance! In fact, I just used the average measurement stated by SelectSpecs (63) when ordering my glasses; Icon 3218 in purple/violet. 

 Icon 3218 in purple/violet.
These were an absolute bargain at just £10 with the prescription and lens coatings fitted for free!

One might assume quality might be compromised in the wake of such a low price tag, but this is not the case at all! Here's a picture of me wearing my new Icon glasses.

selectspecs cheap prescription glasses KatSick
Me in my new Icon glasses, £10 from - I love the colour and print!
The glasses came with a free SelectSpecs branded protective case and cloth too!

Selectspecs free protective glasses case

Obviously, you should go to an opticians and have an eye test regularly if you're somebody who needs to wear glasses. Until SelectSpecs open more bricks-and-mortar stores (they have just one currently, in Kent) and offer this service, I will continue to my usual opticians for annual check-ups. I will however, definitely be taking the resulting prescription and ordering my glasses online from SelectSpecs!

My Icon glasses were from the company's 'economy' line (glasses up to £25) but if you're seeking designer prescription glasses at a great price, you should really check out The company is an authorised retailer of many brands - including Gucci, Hugo Boss, D&G, Calvin Klein and Burberry, to name a few - and this means the authenticity of their eyewear is 100% assured.


Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Max Factor: Poor Customer Service on Facebook

Whenever I review a cosmetics item or electrical beauty appliance on this blog, I like to post a link to said review on the relevant brands' Facebook page, as well as the FBL group wall (regardless of whether it happens to be a positive or negative review).

I like to share my experiences with other consumers, to help inform their own purchase decisions. IMO, it's important companies take note of negative feedback, since such enables necessary product improvements to be made in the future.

When I blogged about Max Factor's Masterpiece Beyond Length duo mascara this Sunday then, I left a link to my review on the Max Factor Facebook page.

The moderator of the page obviously didn't read my post - at least, not immediately - because on Monday they hit the 'Like' button. You can see my response in the screen shot below.

When whoever runs the page responded, they 'Unliked' my post, probably because they felt a tad foolish! [Click the image below to enlarge it].

The provided customer services email address you can see in the image above did not work - delivery failure was reported instantly. When I informed "Max Factor" this email address is void, they asked me to try it once more by typing it in as opposed to copying and pasting, just in case.

This made no difference at all and when I told them this, do you know what happened?

They deleted my post entirely! They have made no effort to contact me since either! This is despite the fact that further posts from the brand have been published on the wall.

Strangely, this subsequent post has NOT been deleted. Yet...
I wouldn't mind but the mod said they wanted to discuss my experiences further with me.

Why invite me to seek the aid of Max Factor's customer services and then blow me off with no explanation whatsoever?

I don't have a landline telephone either, and 0800 number cost a bloody fortune from mobiles!

I have since located what I can only assume is the official contact form for Max Factor's customer services. In addition to using this form, and I will also be posting a link to this blog post on the offending Max Factor Facebook page.

I wonder if that will be deleted too?

I'll keep you posted.
[UPDATE 29/10: What happened next]


Great Customer Service & Apology Package from Montagne Jeunesse

You may remember earlier this month I tried a Montagne Jeunesse deep pore cleanse, peel-off face masque intended for men, with somewhat painful results (read about the experience here).

I have loved and used the Montagne Jeunesse brand of face masques and beauty products since I was a young teen without any issues, and so I was quite alarmed one of their products would cause such a reaction.

I posted a link of my review on MJ's Facebook page and was soon emailed by a customer service representative. She asked me to forward some of the information from off of the packaging, so she could investigate on my behalf. Being the brave lady I am, in went my hand into the refuse sack of what can only be described as 'garbage juice' (eugh!) to fish out the previously disposed packet.

After emailing the requested details to the rep, she said she would contact me the second she had spoken to her colleagues, and the Montagne Jeunesse skin scientist.

I heard from her again just three days later. The rep informed me that I had likely felt some stinging due to the fact the men's masque I tried has alcohol in it, unlike many of the other masques from the MJ range. An allergy to any of the other ingredients was ruled out, since there were none I did not recognise from other beauty treatments I have used in the past.

Additionally, MJ prides itself on the high number of natural ingredients in its products which very rarely cause discomfort.

To apologise for my bad experience with the men's mask, the rep sent me a sizeable parcel, filled to the brim with MJ products...
Montagne Jeunesse whole range
The parcel comprised 20 items, some of which I have never tried before, either because they are new, or they have not been available in Savers stores, where I most often acquire my MJ masques.

Here's a closer look at the chocolate variants the rep sent me.
Montagne Jeunesse 'Chocolate' collection
Fudge falls in this category, right?
These are the fruit masques I received:
Montagne Jeunesse 'Fruit' selection
Meanwhile, I've decided to dub these other masques the 'veg collection' (though I'm not sure aloe juice, olive oil, and green tea can be described as vegetables. Cucumber definitely counts though...wait, I've just Google-searched and it's apparently a fruit...GAH!)
Montange Jeunesse 'Veg' collection
Montagne Jeunesse "Vegetable" masques
In addition the the above masques, I was also sent a NEW clay-infused fabric masque by the name of Glacial Clay Spa, which contains crushed Arctic cloudberries (sounds lush!)
Montagne Jeunesse Glacial Clay Spa masque

I also received some 'De-clog Pores' nose strips and finally, a chocolate lip balm. The latter excited me particularly, since I rarely ever see these for sale away from the Montagne Jeunesse website.
Montagne Jeunesse De-clog pore strips
Montage Jeunesse Chocolate lip balm

I'm very thankful to the MJ rep who dealt with my complaint, not only because of the goodies that she sent me, but because she was so efficient, and went above and beyond to help me find out why my skin did not agree with the men's masque. 

Poor customer service is one of my greatest bugbears, as you will discover in my next post which will detail some strange occurrences on the Max Factor Facebook page yesterday...

Oh. and keep an eye on this blog if you want to here what I think of each MJ product I was sent - I will be reviewing them all in time!


Monday, 22 October 2012

Winter Warmers #2: JustJasmineBoutique Cup Cosy (& bonus Christmas decoration) Review

When I first began my hunt to find businesses which might like a review on this blog, an old university friend put me in touch with Jasmine Wighton, a lovely lady based in Brighton with a talent for all things sewing. Jasmine runs her own vintage inspired, handmade boutique by the (apt) name of Just Jasmine Boutique (often stylised as a single word).
Just Jasmine Boutique logo

JustJasmineBoutique on Facebook
The shop sells an array of different handmade items, including gifts for women, men and children. Just some of the items you will find for sell through the shop's website and Facebook page include cushion covers, place mats, baby clothes and cup cosies.

When Jasmine offered to send me one of her cup cosies to review, I was over the moon! I cannot start any day in the office without a great big coffee inside me, but I do have a habit of forgetting about my drink until it's a nasty, lukewarm temp (I usually chug it regardless - I NEED my caffeine fix!)

Jasmine's offer also came around the same time I was promised the Heat Holders socks I previously reviewed on KatSick hence; I knew this would be the second of my Winter Warmers posts.

Anyway, on with the review...

JustJasmineBoutique packaging

Before I get the cosy itself, it has got to be said that the packaging in which my items were sent was absolutely darling! Jasmine had gone to the trouble to apply her gift wrapping service (which starts from £2.95) to my parcel.

JustJasmineBoutique gift wrap

KatSick JustJasmineBoutique

When I opened up the package, blue tissue paper and a cute little 'LOVE' sticker greeted me.

Cup cosy review

Jasmine sent me one of her green polka dot cup cosies. All her cosies retail for just £5 currently, plus £1.50 P&P (multiple purchases do see P&P combined).
Just Jasmine Boutique mug cosie
Picture credit: Jasmine Wighton
I cannot express the high quality of these cup cosies enough. I know that if I were to inadvertently get some hot beverage on mine, I could put it through a cycle in the washing machine and it would live to tell the tale (not that cup cosies can talk, but you get the point!)

Even better; the elastic which loops around the button allows it to be used with almost any cup. I used mine on my takeaway Greggs coffee this morning, and it was still piping hot after an hour. Temporarily forgetting about my hot drinks will never be a problem again!
Greggs coffee cup cosie

Here you can see me in the Fresh Egg office enjoying a mug of afternoon tea, wrapped in my now trusty cup cosy (you will also notice I dyed my hair Cadbury's purple yesterday, and that I really need my fringe cut!)
KatSick afternoon cosie tea

Anyone wanting their hot beverage to the temperature drops really should invest in one of these cup cosies! One would also make a great gift for Granny this Christmas (don't get her soap again!)

Bonus gift

I was surprised to also find this charming handmade red hanging heart Christmas decoration in my package from Jasmine, which she included as a bonus gift (£5.49 + £1.50 P&P).
handmade sewing Christmas decoration
Picture credit: Jasmine Wighton
I love it! I plan to give it to my mum so she can hang it in her house. I've never decorated my bedsit for the holidays but this will look fantastic hanging from her tree (I spend every Christmas at mum's, so thankfully I'll still get to appreciate it!)

You really should take a few minutes to Like the JustJasmineBoutique Facebook page, and check out her crafts on the JJB site.
JustJasmineBoutique business card


Sunday, 21 October 2012

Perfume-Click Haul Review: Bourjois Waterproof Essentials, Max Factor Masterpiece Beyond Length mascara & True Gold blusher

In my last post, I told you about my experience using the fantastic new discount fragrance and beauty website This post takes a closer look at each of the products I bought.
Perfume-Click haul KatSick

Bourjois Waterproof Essentials Gift Set Review

Contents: Bourjois Volume Clubbing Waterproof mascara 11ml, 2 x Contour Clubbing Waterproof eyeliners (1 x black party, 1 x blue remix, both 1.2 grams).

Bourjois Waterproof Essentials

I tend to favour waterproof eye makeup since I have really sensitive eyes which often stream when it's bright or chilly outside. I couldn't resist this Bourjois gift set then, especially since I have used Bourjois' Clubbing mascara in the past and love the wide-awake effect it has on my lashes. Check out this before and after picture...
Bourjois Volume Clubbing mascara before&after KatSick
I love that the mascara is 11ml also - branded mascaras these days are usually a stingy 8ml only! I was glad to find this (discontinued?) mascara on Perfume-Click.

I'd never used Bourjois Contour Clubbing Waterproof eyeliner before getting my hands on this set. I have to say I am very impressed with these pencil liners. Not only are they completely waterproof, but smudge-proof too! The 'Clubbing' part of the product's name is very apt, for a sweaty night of drinking and dancing would not see the liner budge from the applied area.
Boujois countour clubbing waterproof eyeliner

Max Factor Masterpiece Beyond Length mascara Review

(Blazing Black, 2 x 5.3ml)

While this Max Factor Masterpiece mascara is not waterproof, at just £3.45 on Perfume-Click, I just had to give it a go! The mascara is designed so the black end is applied to lashes first, followed by the pink for a flash of colour.
Max Factor Masterpiece Beyond Length mascara

I am quite disappointed with this mascara (so much so that I haven't even bothered to take a photo of me wearing it!) The wand has fixed, plastic bristles which saw applying the product a somewhat uncomfortable experience  Also, the colour flash was only evident to myself when the sun hit my lashes and made it a little hard to see properly (the effect is hard to explain...but akin to those weird colour eye 'floaters' people get sometimes, just pink!)

Definitely not a product I intend to buy again!

True Gold blusher Review

£2.40 on Perfume-Click (Pink, 3 grams).
True Gold blusher pink

Again, this is a product I decided to try due to it's low price. I've needed a new blusher for a while and having never heard of the True Gold brand (I've since discovered it's a cheap-o brand manufactured in Manchester), I decided to give this a shot.

Many ladies out there won't give cheap makeup brands a chance. As someone with few spare pennies currently, I am not one such lady! I really like this blusher - it is not as bright as the above picture might suggest and gives a natural looking glow. The picture below shows me wearing the blush, in addition to the before-discussed Bourjois Clubbing mascara.

Remember to visit if you want to try these products for yourself, or you're seeking other discount cosmetics or fragrance.