Thursday, 25 October 2012 Great Prescription Glasses from £8 (& High Street Price Comparison)

KatSick Specsavers glasses

I got the prescription glasses I am wearing in the image above last year, when it was discovered staring at a VDU every working day was likely responsible for the incessant migraines I was suffering at the time.

My boss gave me a voucher good for a free eye examination at a well known high street opticians, and a pair of glasses up to the value of £40 should the test find I was in need of corrective eyewear. This was thanks to a scheme which sees employers needing to ensure they fulfil a 'duty of care', by preventing those who work with computers from ending up with dodgy peepers.

I was told I should wear my new low-level prescription specs (which cost a tad more than £40) whenever I noticed I was straining my eyes to read, or I felt a headache coming on.

Uh oh, I thought. I wore glasses when I was a young child and had an awful habit of breaking them, or inadvertently losing them (though I'm not sure I lost the thick pink-framed, NHS plastic ones I had as a six year old accidentally...).

I have been really careful not loose these ones though - I really can't afford a replacement pair at the moment. That's what I thought anyway...

Now that I have discovered how easy is it to enter a prescription on, I needn't worry so much - their prescription glasses start from just £8!

High Street Opticians: Price Comparison

The table below (which I expertly put together in Excel, haha!) shows the cheapest pair of adult, women's prescription glasses available at three of the largest UK high street opticians, compared to As you can see, SelectSpecs is the most affordable.

SelectSpecs Review

I was recently asked if I would like to review a pair of glasses from SelectSpecs and of course, I was happy to oblige! I had grown a tad bored of my black rectangular frames, and wanted to try some frames a little more colourful.

When I went into my usual opticians store to ask for a copy of my prescription (required when ordering glasses from Selectspecs), the lady who served me asked me why I needed a duplicate.

"Because your prices are extortionate!"

OK, I didn't say that. I mumbled something along the lines of "Er...ummm...I just need a copy..."

She looked at me oddly but did fulfil my request.

Once I had finally finished ooo-ing and ah-ing at the endless number frames available on the SelectSpecs site (and the many gorgeous, competitively priced designer sunglasses in the SS catalogue) I finally settled on a pair to order. This meant it was time to enter my prescription.

This was actually much easier than I thought it would be! There were plenty of SelectSpecs tips included during the entire checkout process, which makes it really hard to get anything wrong! The site even reminds you to check that you have entered the correct prescription for each eye

The best thing to do though, is to ensure you have someone close by when you plan to place your order, since it is incredibly hard to measure your own pupillary distance! In fact, I just used the average measurement stated by SelectSpecs (63) when ordering my glasses; Icon 3218 in purple/violet. 

 Icon 3218 in purple/violet.
These were an absolute bargain at just £10 with the prescription and lens coatings fitted for free!

One might assume quality might be compromised in the wake of such a low price tag, but this is not the case at all! Here's a picture of me wearing my new Icon glasses.

selectspecs cheap prescription glasses KatSick
Me in my new Icon glasses, £10 from - I love the colour and print!
The glasses came with a free SelectSpecs branded protective case and cloth too!

Selectspecs free protective glasses case

Obviously, you should go to an opticians and have an eye test regularly if you're somebody who needs to wear glasses. Until SelectSpecs open more bricks-and-mortar stores (they have just one currently, in Kent) and offer this service, I will continue to my usual opticians for annual check-ups. I will however, definitely be taking the resulting prescription and ordering my glasses online from SelectSpecs!

My Icon glasses were from the company's 'economy' line (glasses up to £25) but if you're seeking designer prescription glasses at a great price, you should really check out The company is an authorised retailer of many brands - including Gucci, Hugo Boss, D&G, Calvin Klein and Burberry, to name a few - and this means the authenticity of their eyewear is 100% assured.