About me

This blog discusses things I think are "SICK!" (read as 'cool') and things that make me sick (bleurgh!)

My name is Kat Cole, I am 25 years old and live in Brighton, UK. Well, that's a fib - I actually live in the much sleepier coastal town of Worthing but I wouldn't if I could help it!

I spend most of my time working as a Junior Online Content Producer for a fantastic digital marketing agency named Fresh Egg. I recently decided to start using my spare time to review lifestyle, beauty, fashion products, accessories and more on this 'ere blog. 

Many of the products reviewed are those I have purchased myself, but a number of growing businesses have already sent me some products to review on their behalf. 

While it cannot be denied that freebies are nice, I am most concerned with ensuring content is regularly added to KatSick - receiving products/samples to review really aids this. 

If you want to send me anything for review, please do not hesitate to contact me on katcole87@gmail.com - I would love to hear from you! While this blog is new, the more fantastic brands that agree to feature; the better the traction for everyone involved! 

I promote all my posts using Instagram [Username: KatSick] and other social media channels.

More about me:

  • I absolutely love music (who doesn't?) Some of my favourite bands include Reuben, mewithoutYou, Deftones, Sublime and Funeral for a Friend. 

  • I like to dye my hair (arguably ridiculous) bright colours - why stick with the mousy-blonde I was born with? I haven't seen my natural hair colour since I was 11 years old... I will be blogging about my hair dye exploits in time - watch this space! 

  • I love emo, rockabilly, goth and alternative designs and styling. Don't adhere to the mold - be bold! (I understand the irony, since these styles are currently thriving in mainstream culture!)

  • I'm 6ft 1". This is both a blessing and a curse. I also have size 9 feet which can make finding pretty shoes a nightmare.

    All opinions on this site are most own, and are in no way affiliated with my employer Fresh Egg (or anyone else for that matter!) Therefore, if you are unhappy with any comment I make on this site please contact me with your angry rants. 

    If you have positive things to say meanwhile, I'd also like to hear from you (that'll give me warm, fussy feelings inside).

    I am never paid to make positive comments about any products, brands or companies. Although I am often sent free products to review, this in no way influences what I will say about said products. I will always mention whether items were purchased by myself or sent to me for review within associated blog posts.

    I like to keep this blog as positive as possible, but as mentioned previously, I will not hold off from discussing the things that make me sick (bleurgh!) - everyone's got to vent from time to time, right?