Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Hoobynoo World: Leafy the Tree Necklace Review

Introducing Hoobynoo World

Hoobynoo World logo
Image credit: hoobynooworld.co.uk
Hoobynoo World is a happy place, full of bright colours...where the sun is always shining! It is also filled with a whole host of fun and fabulous characters, each with their own unique, bouncy personality!

When I first began my hunt to find brands which might like products reviewed on KatSick, the owner of Hoobynoo World – Chiara Stone – was one of the first to message me regarding inclusion. I am sure glad she did too, or I might never have met her parade of cute acrylic character necklaces!
Rhianna the Rainbow and Larry the Whale [Hoobynoo World]
Rhianna the Rainbow and Larry the Whale [Image credit: hoobynooworld.co.uk]
As an experienced graphic designer, Chiara is responsible for the aesthetics of these adorable critters, while her children’s author husband – David Stone – writes each of the individual character bios included with each piece.

Within seconds of browsing hoobynooworld.co.uk, I was keen to personally handle one of the couple’s creations. Chiara sent me the loveable Leafy the Tree to review.

Leafy the Tree Necklace Review

Before I start talking about the necklace itself, I must comment on the packaging in which Leafy arrived. Not only was the envelope effectively Hoobynoo-branded, but the necklace within was presented in a small, shimmery green gift bag to compliment Leafy’s leaves.

The package also contained a lovely little note hand written by Chiara, in addition to this character bio card explaining the likes and dislikes on my new friend:

Leafy the Tree character bio

Before I continue, let’s have a look at the little fellow:

Leafy the Tree necklace 1

Leafy the Tree necklace 2

I have purchased quite a number of handmade acrylic necklaces from other companies in the past. Some pieces have smudged after contact with just a few raindrops, but no such fears are stirred by Leafy. The design is expertly printed into the plastic, meaning it cannot be smeared or scratched off. Leafy’s durability means I will get to enjoy him for much time to come. 

Leafy comes on a delicate – yet strong – 20” green chain. The use of a small chain sees attention stay on Leafy himself. This is demonstrated nicely by this picture of me wearing the necklace while getting ready for work this morning (hence the big ol’ towel on my head):

KatSick Leafy tree necklace review

At a very reasonable £10 each (with free P&P), I think a Hoobynoo World necklace would make the perfect gift for any little girl - or not-so-little girl with a penchant for Kawaii like myself.

Hoobynoo World Discount Code

If you fancy buying yourself a necklace from the HoobynooWorld website (and you should!), be sure to make use of this 10% discount code:


What do you think of the Hoobynoo World characters? Are you an aficionado of acrylic pendants? Please share your thoughts with me below.