Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Lady Lu Jewels: Skull & Swarovski Bracelet Review

Lady Lu Jewels logo

Introducing Lady Lu Jewels

"Whether you prefer the luxurious and glamorous lifestyle of Russia or the edgy London street style, French Chic or the Californian beach babe look - with Lady Lu you’ll find the right thing for every style, for every personality."

Lady Lu Jewels is a Brighton-based business specialising in beautiful, unique, handmade jewellery which often comprises naturally-formed gemstones. The creator and maker - Lena Torres - is a Russian-born fashionista with a love of precious accessories, and mother to one year old Luna, whom the business is named after. 

Lady Lu Jewels Skull & Swarovski Bracelet Review

I was really pleased when Lena agreed to send me a bracelet to review on this blog, especially because it happened to be one from her current skull and Buddha head collection...
Lady Lu Jewels skull/Buddha collection
Photo by Lena Torres.
The exact one I received was this beauty; comprising 925 silver links and three Swarovski-littered beads (the blue beads are also Swarovski, while the skull seems almost ceramic). It arrived in a rather attractive, velvet-touch draw-cord gift bag.

Lady Lu Jewels Skull & Swarovski Bracelet, £25
I wish my photo would better demonstrate just how sparkly this bracelet really is! I am quite the magpie and so I have spent a lot of time mesmerised by it when I should be focused on other, more pressing things (sshhh don't tell the boss!)  It really is pretty but the skull balances the design out so that it is not too girly, making it ideal for my tastes.

I have to say; when I first removed the bracelet from it's bag and noticed it is strung together with elastic, I was worried. I can be pretty accident prone and so I was concerned that one tiny knock would send beads flying everywhere. The elastic used is of exceptional quality though; a durable, transparent tube which would take much effort to snap (I may need to ask Lena where she sources this elastic for my own craft exploits - it's genuinely fantastic). 

I was also a little concerned that the Swarovskis would fall off through wear but the beads in which they sit are incredibly well made - they aren't going anywhere!

Here's another picture of the bracelet, this time on my wrist (yes...that is a Funeral for a Friend tattoo - I had that inked almost 10 years ago now. *Feeling old!*)

I really like that Lena takes custom orders too. I quite fancy myself a rainbow bracelet completely comprised of skull heads (ooh!), or a Swarovski bead-skull-Swarovski bead-skull  (etc.) design. I'm definitely going to have to enquire about prices for such!

I would really recommend Lady Lu Jewels should you be seeking something truly unique for a female family member or friend in the lead up to Christmas, and beyond. Lena often offers discounts for purchases of more than one bracelet in a single transaction (you should message her on Facebook for more information).

Here's a few more of Lena's "Sick!" (awesome) creations, available through the Lady Lu Jewels Facebook page. All images below were taken by Lena. 

Lady Lu Jewels Qaurtz bracelet, £35
Lady Lu Jewels: Lavender & Silver Swarovski
Lady Lu Jewels: Lavender & silver Swarovski bracelet, £40
Lady Lu Jewels, Rose Quartz & silver bracelet, £30