Tuesday, 19 March 2013

'Jules' (AKA Audrey Kitching) Baby Pink Wig from wonderlandwigs.com [REVIEW]

KatSick Wonderland Wigs 'Jules' trio
POSING: Oh, the self-indulgent shame...
wonderlandwigs.com recently gifted me one of their pink 'Jules' wigs worth £24.99, which you can see me posing in above (so shoot me...)

As you can see, I took several pictures - some with the flash on, and some with it off - since trying to capture the unique shade of this wig proved quite difficult with the not-so-awesome camera on my HTC (the final image provides the best colour match though!)

I prefer to call this wig the 'Audrey.' I picked it out from the selection available to me because I have long been a fan of the beautiful, pale pinks locks of fashion blogger and model Audrey Kitching.

Audrey Kitching
The 'Jules' wig mimics the lower half of Audrey's hair almost perfectly! 

A quality wig?

I have to say I was pretty impressed with the quality of this wig - it's not the usual fare you'd find in cheap-o fancy dress shops! While I wouldn't say the wig felt like real hair, the fiber used is really glossy and much closer to the real deal compared to wigs I've tried in the past.

There was also minimal 'fall out' - trying the wig on for the first time saw a few strands left on my clothing, but I've not faced this problem the four times I have worn it since.

I am also impressed by how secure the wig feels on my head. Before it was in my hands, I expected it to fall off in the wake of the smallest gust! However, not only it the internal hair net elasticated for a close fit and comfort, but there's a clip for added security too.

This means I - or you  - can party all night without fear of leaving a pink fluffy trail behind!



I posted the photo below on Facebook earlier this week, and fooled quite a few people into thinking I had gone blonde. The lens-effect I used removed the pink from the wig almost completely, creating the impression I had given my locks an intense dose of peroxide.

KatSick blonde wig

A few people commented that I resemble 'a scary doll' in the above photo. I'm cool with that, so long as they are referring to this doll in particular...

Tiffany Bride of Chucky
Bride of Chucky, Tiffany: Cool. As. Fuck.
It's amazing how a hair colour can completely transform your look! I'm seriously considering going blonde in the future - it's a colour I've always avoided before ("Ewwww - too girly!") but I'm starting to think it could make an interesting change...

Other awesome wigs from wonderlandwigs.com

There are many other wigs available from wonderlandwigs.com which I would love to own. Here are my four 'most wanted'...

Wonderland Wigs most wanted selection
Clockwise, from top left: Long blonde 'Tina' wig (longer and curlier than 'Jules'!)blue 'Katy Perry' wig (I love the vivid colour!), dark brown-to-bright red 'Bianca' wig (another eye-catching option) and black & brown dip-dye 'Fearne' wig (the volume of this wig reminds me of Cheryl Cole's much-envied locks). 

I would also love to experiment with some of the Colour Rub hair chalks which can also be purchased from the Wonderland Wigs site (£9.49 each) on my own hair. How cool is this rainbow look? 

Hair chalks colour rub

Do you experiment with wigs often? Or do hairpieces only come out of the dressing up box when it's time for Halloween, or a costume party? Have you got in on the hair chalk craze yet? 

Be sure to check out wonderlandwigs.com for yourself - there's plenty to see beyond wigs, including hair extensions, accessories, false eyelashes and more. 


Saturday, 16 March 2013

GIVEAWAY: 2 x 88ml La Riche Directions Hair Dye [ANY COLOUR] from wonderlandwigs.com

Although I'd say flamingo pink is my signature hair shade, there's really no colour in the rainbow I've not sported at some point over the past 12 years.

When I first started experimenting with in-your-face hair hues, La Riche's Directions was the first brand of dye I used. The price and coverage of Directions (which is conditioner-like in its consistency) is great, and it's incredibly simple to use.

Best of all, Directions is semi-permanent, meaning there's no problem if you're the type (like me!) who likes to change hair colour often, or if you decide later you're unhappy with the results of any particular shade.

I find myself returning to the Directions brand regularly, especially shade 'Plum' - it's ideal whenever I fancy having Cadbury's-purple locks for a bit!

Win 2 x La Riche Directions Hair Dye 

One of you lucky lot can win 2 x 88ml pots of La Riche Directions hair dye, courtesy of wonderlandwigs.com - a great online shop offering wigs, hair pieces, hair accessories, dye and even more besides.
Wonderland Wigs logo
Simply visit this page, and tell me in the comments below which colour/s you would like to win (you can choose two of identical colour, or different shades - it's up to you!). Be sure to register your entry within the Rafflecopter widget too!

Once you've done that, you'll unlock a number of other ways you can earn entry points - the more you do, the greater your chances of winning!

This giveaway is open to residents of Europe only - sorry to everyone else. Follow me so you don't miss out on any of my upcoming international giveaways though!

Full T&Cs can be found at the end of this post.

La Rich Directions Hair Dye collage

Good luck to everyone who enters!
Check back soon too - I'll be reviewing a gorgeous light pink wig from wonderlandwigs.com in my next post.


a Rafflecopter giveaway
T&Cs of this giveaway:

  • This giveaway is open to citizens of Europe only (sorry!)
  • The giveaway closes on Monday 25 March, 2013. Please see the Rafflecopter widget for remaining entry time. 
  • The prize will be posted to the winner by wonderlandwigs.com on my behalf, so you'll need to provide me your address to pass on, should you win.
  • I am not responsible for any giveaway prizes lost in transit. 
  • Rafflecopter makes use of random.org to select winners. However, I reserve the right to deny the prize to any Twitter/GFC/Facebook (etc.) account I deem as created for the sole purpose of entering competitions. Rafflecopter will be used to select a different winner in this instance. 
  • The prize is as stated - 2 x 88ml pots of La Riche Directions hair dye, in colour/s of your choice. No other prizes are available, and there is no cash alternative (why would you want that anyway!?)
  • No purchase is necessary to enter this competition. 

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

S'now Joke: These Socks are the Best! [Heat Holders]

Baby [pink Heat Holders socks

You may remember I previously reviewed a pair of Heat Holders - some truly awesome thermal socks, with a tog rating of 2.3. In fact, that review remains one of my most popular posts to date!

Well, today's snowy weather saw me head to Sports Direct, to take advantage of their current offer of two pairs for £10 (selected varieties only). My feet were freezing during the walk into work this morning (I was wearing standard socks) and my toes were still chilly by the time lunch rolled around.

I actually spotted the Heat Holders 2 for £10 offer last week, but I was short on time and so couldn't stop to purchase any. I finally own a bright pink pair (yay!) in size 4-8, and I chose a larger pair in black (size 6-11), in the hope they'll provide my tootsies a little extra warmth.

Each pair was £5.99 outside of the 2 for £10 promotion.

Amsterdam FEB 2012 ice canals
Amsterdam, 08 FEB 2012: All of these people are much braver than I!
I wouldn't dare walk on a frozen canal!
The erratic UK weather has made me paranoid Amsterdam will be covered in a thick layer of snow when I go there in a fortnight's time - I bloody hope not! I'm accident prone enough without ice under m'feet, AND trams flying all over the place! I figured buying the socks "for my holiday" justified today's spend though.

An added bonus is that these thick socks are great for blister prevention - so they're ideal even if the weather is a more spring-like, since I'll be exploring the 'Dam on foot.

Unfortunately, Sports Direct's deal does not include knee-high Heat Holders, which I am still really eager to try. I'll let you know what I think should I get hold of a pair at any point.


Sunday, 10 March 2013

John Lewis: Top 6 Bold Purse Picks

John Lewis cherry bright purses banner

Last night, I spent a couple of hours looking at items in the women's clothing and accessories sections of the John Lewis website.

This is something I have avoided lately, since I don't have much spare money (I'm shooting off to Amsterdam in a couple of weeks...on my own - eeep!) and there's nearly always an item or two which ends up on my 'MUST HAVE' list.

I was most drawn to John Lewis' collection of bold hue purses. While brightly colored money-holders are currently vogue, I tend to stick to black purses, since "black goes with everything." This means I don't have to worry about matching my purse to any handbag I might choose to use (moving coins, notes and cards from one purse to another is very time consuming!).

However, I found more than a few purses in John Lewis' index which are making me come around to the summer-orientated trend.

I wanted to do a 'top five' originally, but I really couldn't whittle my list below these six vivid purses (in no certain order)...
Mulberry Leather ID purse, pink
Mulberry Leather ID purse, Pink.
I'm a sucker for fuchsia pink (explains my go-to hair colour...) and the Mulberry chrome plate quietly screams style. You've probably guessed this purse is more than a little out of my price range! The brown one retails for a lower £175.

Modalu Hampton Zip Around Purse , Red
Modalu Hampton Zip Around Purse , Red. 
I like the 'Britishness' of this postbox red, and the Modalu shell is a subtle but elegant touch. This is currently out of stock on the John Lewis site. I'm keen on the yellow version of this purse also (which, incidentally, is not out of stock currently).
Ted Baker Tyro Crystal Bow Bobble Patent Small Purse, Green
Ted Baker Tyro Crystal Bow Bobble Patent Small Purse, Green.
I'm not sure why this purse is listed on the John Lewis website as being 'Green', it looks yellow to me! Anyway, I love the wraparound-meets-peekaboo structure of this purse, which appears very well made. Adore.

Fiorelli Neema Leather Medium Trifold Purse, Cerise Soft White
Fiorelli Neema Leather Medium Trifold Purse, Cerise and Soft White. 
This is an option for those unsure about bright purses. I bet the soft leather is pleasurably tactile, and I love the contrast of the bold pink against the off-white. Affordable too.

One Button Block Colour Silicone Coin Purse, Purple
One Button Block Colour Silicone Coin Purse, Purple.
This purse is a budget option, and it's available in turquoise, green, fuchsia, and red alternatively. I'm not sure I'd be able to resist drawing little Tipex eyes on the closure - this really does look like the body and eyes of a cartoon alien/monster. B
ut it's cute also!
Ted Baker Rebekka Bow Bobble Patent Small Purse, Blue
Ted Baker Rebekka Bow Bobble Patent Small Purse, Blue.
Another Ted Baker purse. This is identical to the yellow Tyro Crystal Ball, one above, but this time the trim is is pink, and pink enamel and silver bows adorn the top clip closure. 

What do you think of the brightly colored purse trend, and which is your favorite from my top six?


Saturday, 9 March 2013

A Cup of Teapigs Everyday Brew Will Make Everything Better...

There once was a time when I barely ever drank tea, and only ever indulged when I was offered a hot beverage while visiting friends. As a child, I loved tea (with toast!) but as I got older, more often than not PG Tips lost out to a glass of cold water.

There have been quite a few occasions in recent months though, when I have felt particularly low and/or stressed, and have turned to a cuppa.

Keep calm and drink tea

Endless Brits seem to rely on a brew to get them through tougher times. Perhaps it's just a distraction (Mmmm, milky hot water!), or scientists are right about tea's ability to reduce blood pressure and cortisol levels in the body.

Either way, I have definitely felt much better after drinking a cup during recent hyper-emotional states.

teapigs everyday brew

I entered a teapigs Twitter competition a few weeks ago, to win a box of their tummy-calming peppermint tea, but was not fortunate enough to win.

The whole-leaf-tea specialists however, did post me eight samples to try: two x peppermint, two x peppermint and liquorice, two x Darjeeling earl grey, and two x everyday brew.

teapigs everyday brew sample bag

I tried one of the everyday brew bags last week and I was amazed by its fragrant, zesty and malty taste, and the feel-good feelings it provided. I just knew I had to save the remaining bag for a later 'I-feel-crap-emergency' (I plan to invest in a big box of everyday brew next pay day, so they'll be no need for such rationing!)

Recent states of emotional code orange have seen me get on the Typhoo, but today is turning out to be a code red kinda day. I managed to get a 12 hour sleep in (I've really been sooo exhausted lately), but waking up to some wholly unnecessary aggravation has left me in a right stinker of a mood.

Everyday brew to the rescue - hopefully! I'm off to boil the kettle...

You can check out more whole-leaf-teabag wonders at teapigs.co.uk, including teapigs' delicious chocolate flake tea, which I have discussed on this blog previously.


Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Hair Hassels [UPDATE]: What Remington's Customer Services Did Next

Remington Ceramic Straight 230 straightener

Sorry I've not blogged in a while. I have been extremely busy preparing for an interview for promotion (this happened on Monday morning - I await the results...), and indulging my new obsession: The Walking Dead.

Anyway, I thought I should let you know what happened regarding my complaint to Remington's customer services team.

They (or rather, a "she") actually got back to me pretty quickly - less than a week after I sent off my suddenly-kapoot hair straighteners, I have a shiny replacement in my hands. Woo!

I'm less impressed with the letter that was included in my parcel though. Good customer service, at the end of the day, is about showing you care. I don't feel the letter I received indicated such - I've included my own commentary in pink.

Dear Ms Cole (it's 'Miss', actually),

Thank you for the return of your straighteners and accompanying letter. 

Your comments have been noted, and we would like to explain that your till receipt acts as your proof of purchase and guarantee, therefore without this we are under no obligation to assist you (That's the complete opposite of what the customer service representative said in her email to me...)

Having read through all previous correspondence (you clearly didn't, considering the above point...) I note that we did supply you with a freepost address (oh, is this the admittance your team member got it wrong?) so you could return the straighteners without incurring any postage costs and we have herewith enclosed a replacement pair of straighteners free of charge as a gesture of goodwill (read as: "gesture of LIES!"), which we are confident, will provide a satisfactory service (hopefully longer than four months this time...).

*A comma somewhere in this final paragraph wouldn't have gone amiss! 

*Also note that "sorry" (or an equivalent) is not mentioned anywhere, in relation to the fact the straighteners broke after just four months of typical use! 

I love a good moan, can you tell? ;]

Oh well. At least Remington* replaced them for me.   

*Actually, a representative from Russell Hobbs did, according to the letter. Why...I have no idea.