Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Rocky The Zombie T-Shirt Review: Zombie Raver DJ (Happy Halloween!)

Since today is Halloween, it seems appropriate to finally review this shirt I was recently sent from Rocky The Zombie - a hand-pulled, screen printing clothing and arts company based in Southsea, Hampshire, and operated by one lady; the lovely Ranon.

When asked to pick out a shirt for review, I couldn't resist this 'Zombie Raver DJ' print (£12).
Zombie DJ Rocky The Zombie print

I'm thrilled to feature Rocky The Zombie on KatSick - I've been a happy customer of the business a few times before. Below you can see me (very intoxicated and heavily pierced) back in 2008, wearing a RTZ 'Umbrella' design, which I wore to - it's literal - death.
KatSick & friends 2008
Quite glad I don't look like this any more...though gosh, I look happy (drunk)!

I love the Rocky The Zombie brand for the following reasons:

  • The the designs are adorable (duh!)
  • The inks used for printing are not those awful ones which crack and flake through wear, or washing machine spins
  • Ranon makes great efforts to ensure her business is as eco-friendly as possible. Not only are the shirts used made of organic cotton, but the inks are Permaset water-based (chemical free!). Her packaging is fully recyclable too!
  • Custom orders are not a problem - in fact, RTZ invites them!
  • RTZ doesn't just design and print adult T-shirts - hoodies, baby clothes, tote bags, jewellery and more is available though the main site and Etsy store

Rocky The Zombie packaging

Every time I have bought goods from RTZ, my goods have been beautifully wrapped. This time was no different - I opened the purple mailing bag to find my shirt neatly folded and wrapped within mauve tissue paper.
Rocky The Zombie gift wrap KatSick

A sparkly green ribbon was also wrapped around my shirt, with a Rocky The Zombie double-sided business/care instructions card lovingly attached.
Rocky The Zombie business card 1 KatSick

Rocky The Zombie business card 2 Kat Sick

Zombie Raver DJ Shirt

You already know I love the motif, so what else can I tell you about this shirt?

Well, the organic cotton is really soft, comfortable and breathable (unlike some handmade shirt companies I have bought from in the past, which employ the cheapest shirts they can possible find for maximum profit!)

I am particularly impressed with the fact this shirt is long enough for me. At 6ft 1" tall, too often I have purchased lady-fit shirts only to find they barely reach my hip line! This fits perfectly however.

This evening I've learnt just how difficult is it to take a body shot of yourself - even using the timer on my phone camera did not stop me from looking gormless/in the wrong direction/both in every shot! This however is the best of the batch and will have to do for now...
"Braaaaiiiiins..." (or something to that effect)
Remember to check out Rocky The Zombie's wares for yourself!

Happy Halloween!