Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Cherry Blast Radox Shower Gel Review

I absolutely adore anything cherry flavoured or scented (even artificial, overpowering pseudo-cherry). Imagine then, my delight when I spotted this new product in the window of Worthing's Savers store on Sunday...
Radox Cherry Blast shower gel
Cherry Blast Shower Gel by Radox (99p, 250ml).
I'd actually already been inside the shop that morning to purchase makeup sponges. I immediately went back in though, when I spotted this product in the window as I passed a few hours later. I sniffed the product in its habitat aisle - my mouth watered in approval and so it was time for Round 2 at the tills.

On Sunday evening, I took a shower and got to try out Cherry Blast properly. For that cherry hit I love so much - and because I wanted the smell to linger - I lathered up a sizeable handful of the stuff. While it foams up well and does smell delicious, I do wish the scent was a little stronger (but at less than £1, there's not much justification for complaint!)

If you can think of some especially strong-scented cherry shower/bath products I might like, please do tell me about them in the comments below. I've tried Original Source's Almond & Black Cherry Winter Edition before, but I would have liked that to have been more pungent also.