Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Great Customer Service & Apology Package from Montagne Jeunesse

You may remember earlier this month I tried a Montagne Jeunesse deep pore cleanse, peel-off face masque intended for men, with somewhat painful results (read about the experience here).

I have loved and used the Montagne Jeunesse brand of face masques and beauty products since I was a young teen without any issues, and so I was quite alarmed one of their products would cause such a reaction.

I posted a link of my review on MJ's Facebook page and was soon emailed by a customer service representative. She asked me to forward some of the information from off of the packaging, so she could investigate on my behalf. Being the brave lady I am, in went my hand into the refuse sack of what can only be described as 'garbage juice' (eugh!) to fish out the previously disposed packet.

After emailing the requested details to the rep, she said she would contact me the second she had spoken to her colleagues, and the Montagne Jeunesse skin scientist.

I heard from her again just three days later. The rep informed me that I had likely felt some stinging due to the fact the men's masque I tried has alcohol in it, unlike many of the other masques from the MJ range. An allergy to any of the other ingredients was ruled out, since there were none I did not recognise from other beauty treatments I have used in the past.

Additionally, MJ prides itself on the high number of natural ingredients in its products which very rarely cause discomfort.

To apologise for my bad experience with the men's mask, the rep sent me a sizeable parcel, filled to the brim with MJ products...
Montagne Jeunesse whole range
The parcel comprised 20 items, some of which I have never tried before, either because they are new, or they have not been available in Savers stores, where I most often acquire my MJ masques.

Here's a closer look at the chocolate variants the rep sent me.
Montagne Jeunesse 'Chocolate' collection
Fudge falls in this category, right?
These are the fruit masques I received:
Montagne Jeunesse 'Fruit' selection
Meanwhile, I've decided to dub these other masques the 'veg collection' (though I'm not sure aloe juice, olive oil, and green tea can be described as vegetables. Cucumber definitely counts though...wait, I've just Google-searched and it's apparently a fruit...GAH!)
Montange Jeunesse 'Veg' collection
Montagne Jeunesse "Vegetable" masques
In addition the the above masques, I was also sent a NEW clay-infused fabric masque by the name of Glacial Clay Spa, which contains crushed Arctic cloudberries (sounds lush!)
Montagne Jeunesse Glacial Clay Spa masque

I also received some 'De-clog Pores' nose strips and finally, a chocolate lip balm. The latter excited me particularly, since I rarely ever see these for sale away from the Montagne Jeunesse website.
Montagne Jeunesse De-clog pore strips
Montage Jeunesse Chocolate lip balm

I'm very thankful to the MJ rep who dealt with my complaint, not only because of the goodies that she sent me, but because she was so efficient, and went above and beyond to help me find out why my skin did not agree with the men's masque. 

Poor customer service is one of my greatest bugbears, as you will discover in my next post which will detail some strange occurrences on the Max Factor Facebook page yesterday...

Oh. and keep an eye on this blog if you want to here what I think of each MJ product I was sent - I will be reviewing them all in time!