Sunday, 28 October 2012

First Eye Experiment: Starry Eyed (Inspired by Karla Powell)

KatSick starry eyed collection
Inspired by the work of awesome MUA Karla Powell, I have decided to start experimenting with eye makeup looks a little more flamboyant than those I would wear day-to-day. This my first 'Eye Experiment', which I have named 'Starry Eyed.'

'Starry Eyed' KatSick Kit

KatSick kit starry eyed
  • Barry M Dazzle Dust (shade 81, Crystal Blue)
  • Collection 2000 Dazzle Me! (shade 8, Bedazzle)
  • MUA BB cream (shade Light)
  • Allura false eyelashes (99p, from Poundland)
  • Bourjois Contour Clubbing waterproof eyeliner (shade 45, Blue Remix)
  • Miss Cole glitter pallet (from a gift set)
  • Silver, star shaped nail decals (less than £2, from Savers)
All of the items above were already present in my makeup collection, but I did buy the fake eyelashes especially for this experiment. I have never worn false lashes before and therefore didn't want to splash the cash in case I couldn't get to grips with them!

This is why I bought two pairs for £1 from Poundland. Though they're definitely not the best falsies available, I was pleasantly surprised with how easy they were to apply.

It is quite likely you won't have all of the items listed above but similar, alternative products can be used to create this look.

Step #1

Starry eyed base KatSick
After applying a coat of your preferred mascara, pat a very thin layer of BB cream over the eyelid and allow to dry a little before gently rubbing smooth. The is the base to which the eye-shadow will stick (you can use a primer - I just don't currently own one!)

Step #2

Starry eyed shadow KatSick

Using an eyeshadow brush, apply a layer of Collection 2000 Dazzle Me! 'Bedazzle' over the top eyelid (go above the crease a little). Draw a line along the bottom lashes using the blue waterproof pencil, and brush some Crystal Blue Barry M Dazzle Dust over the top.

You can see I got debris on my cheek during this step, but this is nothing a face wipe cant rectify.

Step #3:

Starry eyed more blue KatSick

Carefully apply the false lashes (cut the length of these down a little if required/preferred - I did!) Once these are in position and firmly attached, lightly apply the Crystal Blue shadow over the top eyelid, up to the crease so the previously applied yellow shadow peeks through.

Step #4

Starry eyed close KatSick
Apply a mix of the blue and silver glitter from the Miss Cole pallet to the outside corner of the eye (I used more silver than blue). Stick two star shaped nail decals to the outside of the top lid.

And voila - that's it!
Starry Eyed finished KatSick

Definitely not a look for the office! What do you think? I'll be sure to post some more Eye Experiments soon!