Sunday, 18 November 2012

Pay Day Booty #2: Rainbow Eyeshadow Palette & Body Shop Lemongrass Leg Gel

I wasn't going to do a Pay Day Booty post this month, since I didn't actually go into town to get any goodies when I was paid over a fortnight ago. I got my hair trimmed (more an essential than a luxury - I couldn't see!) but in an attempt to stay out of the red this month I didn't treat myself to anything.

Earlier this week however, I did allow myself to order two cheap items off eBay. Since they both arrived at the same time, I figured I might as well put a post together about them.

Lijindie Rainbow 72 Eyeshadow Pallet 

Lijindie 72 Rainbow eyeshadow set KatSick

Lijindie eyeshadow close square texture

I was inspired to buy this rainbow Lijindie eyeshadow pallet after seeing self-taught makeup artist (and complete stunner) Paula Piranha blog about hers on She Said Beauty. Paula said her Lijindie pallet - which is slightly different to mine - is one of her most reliable eyeshadow sets for creative eye looks, since she finds the colours are really easy to build up.

Paula also mentioned she purchased her pallet really cheap from eBay. I was intrigued enough to see if I could find a Lijindie set on the auction site and sure enough, I did. My palette was just £6.99 + £1.40 P&P. Want one? You can get yours here.

I can't wait to start playing around with the colours as part of my Eye Experiments!

Surely there must be a downside to this bargain, rainbow eyeshadow pallet though? Well actually, there's three...

  • "72 EYESHADOWS OMG!" This thought was enough to see me click 'BUY NOW' but on closer inspection once it had arrived, I realised there's more than a couple of duplicates. This doubling will be useful though, should I end up really liking some of the hues.
Lijindie eyeshadow 72 box cheap
  • The box is pretty terrible aesthetically. It gives the impression of "Argos makeup set" as opposed to being a product of decent quality (but hey, for the low price I'll give it a go!)
  • You'll see below the two sides of the pallet close in on each other, and are secured using a popper to create a glittery silver, portable case. All that separates each side from the other is a single sheet of plastic film, which is not secured in any way. I imagine this means the pallet could get messy in time if I am not careful.
Lijindie eyeshadow case closed silver

I've tested a couple of the colours on the back of my hand and it does seem they will build up well. I will have to play with the set further before making a final verdict. For £8.39 (inc. P&P) though, I can't really bitch too much!

The Body Shop Lemongrass Deodorising Leg Gel

The bottle says... "If you happen to be under the weather in East India or Sri Lanka, you might be offered a cup of "fever tea", a blend of lemongrass leaves and herbs. Should your feet feel feverish, this lemongrass treat will perk them right up, without having to trek around the world."

The Body Shop lemongrass leg gel

Since trying Visionary Soap's gorgeous vegan and Fairtrade soap a couple of weeks back, lemongrass has become one of my favourite scents. I could resist this leg gel then, which I found on eBay for just £3 including P&P.

While this gel certainly makes my tootsies feel refreshed and smell pleasant  I have to say I am a little disappointed. I was hoping the formula would soak into my feet in the same, quick way antibacterial gel does into hands but this is not so. This gel makes skin feel a little tacky after application, and so I don't apply it "liberally" as the bottle suggests.

I can't really recommend this leg gel, but it isn't so bad that I am going to throw it out.