Tuesday, 27 November 2012

HighFlyers Clothing: 'Teddy with a Chainsaw' Tshirt [REVIEW]

Earlier this week I posted about a LushTshirts.co.uk shirt I had been sent to review a few weeks back. Well, when this tee dropped through my letterbox, so did another one from growing West Midlands-based apparel company HighFlyers Clothing.

HighFlyers Clothing (HFC) specialises in simple graphic attire, the likes of which - in my opinion - wouldn't look out of place in streetwear stores such as Size? HFC's striking designs are somewhat reminiscent of those belonging to Trainerspotter, while unique in their own right.

After seeing the brand's call for blogger reviews, I happily volunteered and was sent one of their 'Teddy with a Chainsaw' shirts, which retails for £19.99.

Teddy Chainsaw HighFlyers Clothing shirt main
HFC's catalogue pic
Teddy with a Chainsaw Tshirt KatSick
My photo
I'm not sure why, but my shirt differs slightly from that shown in the brand's catalogue pic, since it features a white border around the design. This isn't a problem though - in fact, I've only just noticed!

HighFlyers Clothing 'Teddy with a Chainsaw' shirt: Design and quality

No story regarding the chainsaw-wielding bear is provided on the site but that's perfectly fine by me - this means I can make up my own narrative! I like to think its the angrier 'Folie a Deux' bear gone solo ;] (yes, I am both mental and a FOB fan...)

Let's ignore the question of my mental stability for a moment and focus on the shirt's quality. The tee is very comfortable to wear, but what impressed me the most is the print. The motif is almost impossible to rip/peel/damage/distort/etc. I've given the shirt some vigorous tugs (and several machine washes) to test this theory, and it remains as immaculate as the the day I first received it. 

I can only describe the print as being like sticker-like, though this is not accurate in the slightest! Hopefully the close-up pics below will give you a better idea regarding the premium printing method employed by HFC (click to enlarge).

HighFlyers Clothing print close up
The high quality print, close up (click to enlarge)

If you're looking for a cool 'investment shirt' (i.e. one that will last through years of wear and laundry spins) or three, you should definitely check out the HighFlyers Clothing site.

The shirt also came with a branded HFC tag looped around its size label, pictured below. 

HighFlyers Clothing branded lable

While this shirt is too big for me for everyday wear (it's a men's XL - HFC doesn't currently provide ladies-fit shirts), I plan to wear it to the gym often. What better motivator than seeing a murderous bear in the mirror as I pedal/step/row away? ;]

This wouldn't be a KatSick Tshirt review without an obligatory pic of me wearing said Tshirt, while striking a very vacant pose. Here we are then...
KatSick HFC shirt pose
Maybe one day I'll get all 6ft 1" of me in frame :| The perils of living alone & only having a phone camera...

HighFlyers Clothing: New range

HighFlyers Clothing recently added some new designs to its roster, of which I really like these two simple graphic sweatshirts:

HighFlyers Clothing sweatshirts moon rocket launch
£34.99 each, HighFlyers Clothing
I actually don't own a single sweatshirt/sweater currently, but with all the cold weather recently I have started to think such garments are essential!

I would love to get my hands on one of these HFC sweats (who says they're for men only!?) in a really large size, for a relaxed, casual look. An oversized sweat would be ideal for chucking on when deciding what to wear proves a headache too!

Be sure to check out the HighFlyers shop for yourself, by clicking their logo below. You can also follow the brand on Facebook, and on Twitter.

HighFlyers rocket logo