Tuesday, 20 November 2012

'Davina' Sparkly Glasses Case from LensCases.co.uk [REVIEW]

LensCases.co.uk Davina Purple case review
£6.99, lenscases.co.uk
While it is useful most high street and online prescription glasses outlets provide a free protective case with each pair sold, it's fair to say the great majority of these are not very attractive. Case (pun intended) in point:
Boring SpecSaves Glasses Case
This case was the most attractive, free option available to me at Worthing Specsavers. 
When I saw eyewear accessories retailer lenscases.co.uk looking for bloggers to review their cases on Twitter then (shortly after I acquired new frames for SelectSpecs), I quickly volunteered.

The Nottingham-based Lens Cases stocks everything short and long-sighted individuals could need, including glasses and contact lens cases, lens inserters and removers, chains, cleaning cloths and even a gorgeous range of compact mirrors. Even better; all of these items are available at low prices, and so the site is definitely worth checking out if like me you lack perfect, 20/20 vision.

I was sent the purple version of the Davina Sparkly Glasses Case (£6.99) to review, pictured to the top of this post and below.

Davina purple glasses case open KatSick

LensCases.co.uk Davina Purple close up
Ooooh shiny...

Lens Cases Glasses Case Verdict

I love this glasses case, and I wish the pictures would show exactly just how shiny it is! The pattern has a slightly textured feel too which just adds to the appeal. The noise the case makes when the magnetic closure seals is also quite satisfying (yes...I'm an oddball!)

More importantly though, this case is robust in its construction. This means I know my glasses will remain scratch free, even if I happen to knock the case off my desk or inadvertently tread on it (as well as being an oddity, I'm highly accident prone!)

The case's black, velvet-like inner is also a nice touch, as is the inclusion of a free, promotional cleaning cloth. The case was also lovingly wrapped in tissue plastic and plastic film, to prevent any damage in transit.

Triple glasses case selection
I know which case I'd rather have!
Lens Cases free cleaning cloth
Free cleaning cloth
Remember to check out the Lens Cases website for yourself. You can also follow the company on Twitter.