Sunday, 25 November 2012 Luxury Hair Accessories: Pink 'Wild One' Clamp [REVIEW]

Stone-Bridge Wild One hair clamps

Are you sick of hair elastics which snap after just a couple of uses? Hair clamps with teeth that break too easily? Hair claws too weak to keep long, thick hair immaculately in place? Accessories unkind to wispy hair? Keep reading...

A few weeks ago, a lovely lady from emailed me, inviting me to review one of the site's luxury hair accessories. Featured in the likes of Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and The Guardian, Stone Bridge specialises in attractive, premium hair accessories. The majority of theses are hand-crafted by small companies in France and Italy.

Every item found in the Stone Bridge catalogue has been put through thorough testing to ensure it meets the highest standards, for which the brand has become known. Furthermore  Stone Bridge understands not all hair clamps, clips and bands are suitable for every hair type. Hair of different lengths, textures and weights require very different accessories for secure styling.

I was asked to fill in the 'Tell us about your hair' form, so the company could select an ideal item for me to review. Within, I noted my hair is thick and medium length, and that l am usually drawn to pink and animal print hair accessories (as if my blog background didn't already suggest such!)

Imagine my delight then, when I received  this pink 'France Luxe Wild One' clamp (£42) just two days after submitting my form:
Stone Bridge wild pink clamp main
Before I give you my verdict on the clip itself, I feel I should show you the packaging in which it arrived...

Stone Bridge Luxury Hair Accessories: The Packaging

I already mentioned the delivery of my item was super speedy, so opening the cardboard box to find tissue paper lovingly tied and bowed was a very pleasing 'cherry on the cake'. gift wrapping

The inclusion of a simple, branded tag on the clamp itself was also a nice touch.

Stone Bridge hair accessories branded tag lable

'Wild One' Hair Clamp: Verdict

I really love the pattern on this hair clamp - it's so me! The design is a little paler on the inside where the hair sits. I hope you can see this clearly in the picture below.

Leopard hair clamp pink pattern close up
Top: external print. Bottom: internal print and spring
The clamp's spring (also pictured above) is of exceptional quality, and won't budge at all from the optimal position in which it is placed. Too often I have found the springs on cheaper clamps eventually 'fall out', rendering the clip completely useless.

The plastic used in the clamp's construction is very durable too, meaning it is resilient against clumsy types like myself. Even trying to break this clamp on purpose would take significant effort! Each of the teeth are neatly rounded off also, to ensure no discomfort is caused when it's in contact with the scalp.

But how well does the clamp keep my thick, medium length hair in place?


I wanted to include a pic to show you, but it turns out photographing the back of your own head is no easy task!

I have to admit £42 is probably a little too rich for my everyday hair accessories budget - in the past I have paid around a fiver for each of my hair clamps. These cheaper solutions though, do tend to quickly break, and/or don't quite grip my hair tightly enough. As such, I can understand Stone Bridge's products are a worthy investment, which save women money in the long run.

While a slightly unkempt hairstyle might be acceptable when on the beach or about town, experiencing such at a special event - such as a wedding or graduation ceremony - is a complete no no. Stricter office environments might also look unkindly on imperfect locks. Stone Bridge can provide ideal, secure styling solutions for all hair types in these instances.

Not all of the products on are as expensive as this clamp, so don't be put off checking out the site if your budget is a little more modest. Few ladies will fail to find a hair accessory they absolutely love in the brand's catalogue.

Stone-Bridge hair logo