Friday, 23 November 2012

'No One Reads My Blog' Shirt: [REVIEW]

A few weeks ago, I was sent a shirt from funny and offensive slogan shirt company, which I have been meaning to review on KatSick since (my blogging has been a little less frequent in the wake of recent life-hassles).

However, this small delay means I have been able to wear my shirt more than a handful of times, which puts me in a great position to give my verdict. How can someone judge the quality of a garment after just one wear, and no cycles in the washing machine?

Lush TShirts sells a vast collection of slogan tees (categories: funny, retro, gay, geek, offensive, TV and gym) and so it took me quite a while to pick one to review.

Since this blog is currently less than two months old and I'm still building up my following, I eventually decided on Lush's 'Nobody reads my blog' shirt. This tee retails for £11.99 and can be found in Lush's 'geek' category.

'Nobody reads my blog' shirt Lush slogan tee
This conversation starter will provide me ample opportunity to self-promote, I'm sure!

Lush T Shirt: quality and appearance

I noticed how incredibly soft my 'Nobody reads...' tee is as soon as removed it from it's packaging. Cotton tees used by many printing companies have a cheap and rough feel to them (think 'Fruit of the Loom'), so I was pleasantly surprised.

LushTshirts print close up quality
No cracks in the print!
Even better; I've put this shirt through the washing machine twice already and the print has not peeled or cracked in the slightest (an all-too-common problem with printed shirts). The size and shape of the garment has not altered after either of its 40° laundry spins. It even survived a round in Mum's vigorous tumble dryer with no issues whatsoever.

The slogan is also optimally positioned on the shirt too - it's not too high or low.

The inclusion of a branded tag on the collar's size label was a nice, professional touch also. label

Lush T Shirt packaging

The shirt arrived well packaged inside a grey polythene mailing bag, in which a 'Thank You' card and two beer mats were also found. Now, most companies include a note of thanks in their delivery packages, but beer mats!? beer mats funny rude

This marketing move is actually really clever. Given the crass nature of some of the slogan tees available through Lush TShirts - 'You had me at 'I swallow'' and 'Don't be sexist. Bitches hate that', for example - it's safe to assume the site's primary target market is men (though they do stock a range of designs specifically for women too).

Including beer mats detailing 'Top Drinking Slogans' then, is pretty clever marketing. I can imagine two guys enjoying a few beers on the sofa, laughing over classic - read as 'cheesy' - bombs such as:

'Great legs! What time do they open?'

'You are on the top of my to do list.' and

'Instant wanker. Just add beer.'

All of the included slogans are available printed on shirts from Lush. I wouldn't be surprised if a bloke or two have gone on to order one after many at-home bevies in the company of the dude who bought one originally!

I should also point out my shirt arrived just two days after it was ordered. That's great service considering every shirt is printed to order.

Here's a poser-pic of me wearing my 'Nobody reads...' tee. As usual, you can see I've struggled to snap a picture of myself using my HTC One S, while keeping the phone out of shot (mirror shots died with MySpace's popularity!) and looking in the right direction.

KatSick shirt pose
'Tom is now your friend...'
Remember to check out Lush Tshirts for yourself. If you're seeking tees for a hen night or stag do, you'll be pleased to hear the company happily accepts custom orders, and can even provide discounts for larger orders. You should contact Lush for more information.