Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Alison Claire's 'So Remarkable' Bio-Natural Beauty: Vanilla & Coconut Body Butter & Lemongrass Foot Cream Review

Alison Claire So Remarkable sample pots

Alison Claire developed her range of bio-natural body and hair products in response to increasing discussions regarding potential dangers of the chemical-nasties included in many mainstream products.

The four biggest chemical nasties are Laurel/Laureth Sulphate (possible skin irritant), Parabens (possibly harmful to the human reproductive system), Phenoxyethanol (potential nervous and immune system depressor) and PEGs (thought to lead to hair loss).

Considering those ghastly potential side effects, it's no wonder there's a call for beauty formulas composed of natural ingredients! Alison promises her products will never contain the four nasties, fillers, harsh preservatives, or synthetics colours of fragrances.

But aren't unpronounceable chemicals essential to see beauty products do their respective jobs properly? That's what the industry would have us believe...

Alison sent me samples of two lovely products to review on this blog:

Alison Claire So Remarkable Vanilla & Coconut Body Butter

Alison Claire Vanilla and Coconut body butter sample

Product tagline: SO beautifully natural...SO rich and nourishing.
Price: £15, 200ml [LINK]

Natural ingredients: Aloe Vera, Coconut oil, Cocoa Butter, Green Tea, Silver Birch, Radish Root, Hibiscus Flower, White Willow Bark and Vanilla Essential Oil.

KatSick Verdict

You can see that I have used around half of the sample pot I was sent already. Not only is this body butter deeply moisturising and quickly absorbed by skin, but I also absolutely adore the smell!

The fragrance is warm and comforting (ah, vanilla!), and I would also describe it as "milky" (a weird choice of adverb, I'm aware!) It's a delicate, subtle scent, in the wake of not being one which has been artificially created, but lingers to skin long enough to cause unavoidable "Mmmmmm"'s when applied.

I like to moisturise my face with this body butter after stepping out of the shower each morning, before applying my makeup (makeup and dry skin never bode well!) I have also been applying the formula after removing my makeup before bed, and have had woken up with a softer, clearer complexion as a result.

I would certainly pay £15 for a full sized pot (200ml) since a little goes a long way. I've applied the butter in my little pot (10ml?) at least 10 times so far. This really is a lovely body butter - highly recommended!

Alison Claire So Remarkable Lemongrass Foot Cream

Alison Claire Lemongrass foot cream sample pot KatSick

Product tagline: SO beautifully natural...SO soft and nourishing.
Price: £12, 200ml [LINK]

Natural ingredients: Aloe Vera, Lemon Balm, Shea Butter), Sweet Almond Oil, Radish Root, Jojoba oil, Comfrey, White Willow Bark, Witch Hazel Water), Gingko Biloba, Meadow Sweet, Argan oil and Lemongrass Essential Oil.

KatSick Verdict

Until recently, I haven't given my feet much consideration when it comes to beauty. You can probably tell this from the fact I have not used as much of this foot cream as I have the body butter. Thankfully, I need not worry about neglecting my tootsies when nourishing products like Alison Claire's exist. 

If you're a regular reader of this blog, then you'll already be aware how Visionary Soap recently awakened a love of lemongrass in me - it's fast becoming one of my favourite scents. I was glad to discoverer then, that this foot cream has that natural zing I adore so much which, incidentally, also helps to perk up tired feet effectively.

I've been making the effort to apply this cream to my (clean) feet at least once a week before bed. Wearing a pair of (again, clean) socks on top helps the formula to do it's magic overnight, and softens soles wonderfully. 

£12 is not a bad price to pay at all for soft, revitalised and gorgeous smelling feet! 


Be sure to check out Alison's So Remarkable bio-natural range for yourself by clicking here, or on the logo below - you'll skin will thank you for it! You can also follow the brand on Twitter and Facebook

Other bio-natural products available include shower gels, shampoos, body lotions and lip balms (the Mango one sounds amazing!)

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