Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Love Wings UK: Sugar Skull Bracelet [REVIEW]

Phew! I've received so many items for review lately that it's taken me a while to catch up!

Finally, I can share my verdict on this blue sugar skull bracelet, sent to me by newly launched Etsy-based jewellery business Love Wings UK a few weeks back.

Sugar skull bracelet Love Wings UK review
£15, Love Wings UK

Cute, eh?

The bracelet is largely made from red (and two silver-grey) glass 'crackle' beads, while the feature skull bead is constructed from a ceramic-like material. The elastic used to string the beads seems fairly durable, and the accessory sits comfortably on my wrist.

This bracelet reminds me of the more luxurious skull bracelet I reviewed for Lady Lu Jewels in October.

Love Wings UK: The Packaging

I have to commend the effort Love Wings went to with the bracelet's packaging. My item arrived in a black pillow-style gift box, featuring the brand's logo in sticker form. The bracelet was also well protected with plenty of shredded, deep-red paper.

Love Wings UK gift packaging

Another branded sticker (below) was also placed on the outside of the padded envelope in which the above was packed for shipping. I appreciate small branding touches like this.

Close up Love Wings UK brand sticker

Questioning Price & Final Thoughts 

While I do like this bracelet - and prefer to keep this blog positive when possible - I do think the price tag of £15 is pretty darn steep. £15 appears to be the standard price for all bracelets, regardless of the materials used, at least judging by Love Wings's currently underdeveloped Etsy page.

Although Love Wings UK does make bracelets which include semi-precious beads, this one does not comprise any.

Crackle beads and the increasingly popular skull beads are available for very nominal cost on eBay. (Don't believe me? Search for both on the auction site and select 'price: low to high'!) As such, Love Wing's profit margin is, potentially, extremely high.

Additionally, the skull's flower eyes appear to be made from glued slices of a Fimo rod - another item very inexpensive to source through eBay.

Sugar skull bracelet eyes close up Love Wings UK
A closer look at the 'eyes'...
I can understand charging more than material cost to cover labour and ensure profit (that's business 101), but £15 indicates a colossal mark-up in my opinion.

As a new business, Love Wings will need to reconsider its prices carefully, in order to ensure potential customers do not end up seeking jewellery elsewhere.

You can follow Love Wings on Twitter here.


UPDATE 20:55 28/11/2012: I have just been DM'd by Love Wings UK on Twitter, and have been informed the £15 includes P&P (even though the Etsy site states £2.99 P&P?), and that Love Wing's beads are not sourced from eBay...