Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Pink/Purple Kaleidoscope Hair [What Happened After Bblonde?]

This weekend I showed you the results of using Jerome Russell's Bblonde powder bleach and peroxide on my hair, recently dyed permanent blue-black.

I also told you I was going to add some brighter hues back into my lightened locks, and I'd let you know how I got on with such...

KatSick Directions plum hair collage

As you can see, the resulting colours were a mixed bag. This is because Bblonde did not lighten all of my hair to the same colour, and because I applied three different dyes post bleaching:

Special Effects Directions hair dye pink purple KatSick
FROM LEFT: Special Effects Electric Blue, Special Effects Atomic Pink (UV) and Directions Plum.
The ends of my hair didn't really budge far from the brassy orange the Bblonde sent it, despite applying a good helping of the Atomic Pink dye. The ends of my hair would have turned out as bright as my shaved section if only they had bleached to the same tone (though admittedly, I'm not so keen on the shaved area being pink now...oh well, live and learn!)

Nearer the crown, I used a mix of all three dyes pictured above. I applied quite a lot of the Electric Blue to start, until I became worried my bleached hair was not absorbing it properly (the hair looked pale green). This is when I decided to add some Directions Plum, since I know it's a reliable dye and would - hopefully - cover the apparent blue mishap.

While it is not clear in the collage pic to the begging of this post, some parts of my hair are blue. Special Effects' Electric Blue is such a saturated dye though, that I think it will take a few more washes for the distinction between the blue and purple to become clear.

I will likely get bored and dye my hair again before that has a chance of happening though!

KatSick purple hair face shot
Yes, I still need a decent camera...
The colours become more/less obvious depending on how I wear my hair - sweeping it in different directions gives different colour combos. In the image above you can see the colours aren't immediately noticeable head on, at least not when compared to the shots in the collage.

I'm not overly keen on my current 'do' but I'm going to hold off from further dyeing...at least until the weekend!