Friday, 2 November 2012

Movember False Nails: Nails by AB Review

Yesterday saw Movember begin - an annual, month-long awareness campaign for prostate cancer. More than 40,000 men in the UK were diagnosed with this potentially deadly ailment in 2011, and the number of cases increases every year.

Movember sees otherwise clean shaven men - or 'Mo Bros' - growing moustaches for its duration, raising money through sponsorship for looking a tad silly - few men actually manage to pull off a 'handlebar' or 'Zappa' with style!

While women are unable to grow a 'tasche (the very large majority of them anyway!), 'Mo Sistas' can also support the charitable cause by allowing their special man-friend to grow some lip fuzz, and with cash donations.

When I agreed to review some hand painted false nails from Nails by AB - a one-woman business operated by the sweet Amy Bryant - a few weeks ago, I was asked what design I'd like on them. To promote Movember, I requested these themed talons...

Movember fake nails KatSick 2
Movember nails, £9 by Nails by AB

Nails by AB ordering process

Amy asked me to forward her the measurements of each of my fingernails, which - as I have mentioned on this blog before - are very short due to my anxiety-caused biting habit (I'm trying to stop!) Sending her the length and width of each of my stubby fingernails meant she could make an acrylic set to fit me exactly.

When placing my order, I requested my Movember fake nails be made fairly short. I've gone 25 years without nails of decent length, and thought typing at work would be difficult should they protrude too far from my digits.

Moustache fake nails KatSick

Nails by Amy Bryant: Presentation

The nails arrived presented in a silver-blue shimmery gift bag, which was well protected in bubble wrap. A tube of nail glue was included, in addition to an A4 sheet of easy-to-follow instructions for correct application.

Nails by AB gift bag

Movember fake nails: Verdict

One size does not fit all when it comes to false nails, and so I thought it was fantastic AB took the time to ask for my nail dimensions  When the falsies arrived, a very minimal amount of filing was required to see them fit exactly to my own. 

I only wish I had taken to time to apply another layer of clear coat to these nails before debuting them. As you can see in the pictures, the white tips have cracked a little through wear. This isn't Amy's fault though - her instructions did advise the application of an additional top coat after application. Silly me! 

I've had quite a few people compliment my Mo Sista nails over the past couple of days, several of them even realising I was wearing them in support of Movember. It's nice to help promote the cause and wearing them a while longer will also make it impossible to nibble my real nails underneath!

Nails by AB Movember donations

If you order a pair of these  - or similar - Movember nails from Amy this month, she will donate £4 from the sale to the Movember charity.

You can contact Amy and see her other nail designs by visiting her homepage or Twitter profile.

If you want to donate to the Movember campaign without purchasing fake nails meanwhile,  please do so by visiting the profile page for Fresh Egg (my place of work, inhabited by many Mo Bros!) Even a single £1 would help the world's health professionals finally kick prostate cancer in the butt (groan!)

You can read more about Movember by visiting the charity's site - click the banner below.

Movember 2012 logo KatSick