Thursday, 28 February 2013

Hair Hassles: Those 'Excellent' Remington Straighteners Have Broken...

Remington Ceramic Straight 230 Straightener

You may remember back in October I wrote a post praising a hair straightener I purchased from Boots for just £20.99 - the Remington Ceramic Straight 230.

I was incredibly impressed with this product, and even described it as "the ultimate budget hair straightener currently available on the UK high street."

Unfortunately, it is the case my straightener suddenly stopped working a fortnight ago - a little over four months after I had bought it - for no apparent reason at all.

I had not knocked it, not had I left it on for any extended period of time - I simply went to use the straightener as usual one morning to find it was kapoot. I even changed the fuse in desperation, but alas, still no heat up! 

I was originally convinced I had made a decent investment, and so I did not keep the receipt or box longer than six weeks (I hate clutter!) However, I feel well within my rights to complain regarding the straightener's premature death, despite the fact they only cost £20.99.

Upon further investigation, I've discovered Remington is actually obligated to repair - or replace - the product under warranty.

Yesterday then, I finally made the trip to the post office to send the broken straightener off to Remington's FREEPOST address, provided to me by customer services. I have been told (within a one-fits-all email, which asked to include the receipt I already explained I do not have...SIGH!) the issue could be a manufacturing fault, and the brand will fix, or replace, the item should this prove so.

I have made it clear within my letter of complaint I would like a replacement - it seems ridiculous to repair an already faulty product! Surely they'll just break again really quickly?

I am hoping the issue is resolved quickly - I have no plans to buy a replacement straightener in the meantime...what would be the point?

I am ABSOLUTELY HATING not owning a straightener - I cannot abide my current frizzy ends (yes, I need a trim)!

I will keep you informed as to how my complaint turns out. Hopefully I can update you sooner, rather than later...I want my smooth locks back. Waaaa! :(