Sunday, 10 February 2013

Prestige Cosmetics: Total Intensity eyeshadow (Crave) & eyeliner (Bold Brown) & Vinylwear Extreme lip gloss (Fuchsia Freefall) [REVIEW]

Prestige Cosmetics products for review KatSick

Towards the end of 2012, Miami-based makeup company Prestige Cosmetics sent me three of their best selling products to review.

Now that I have been using each for a couple of months (and I'm over the KILLER FLU which delayed this post) I can finally share my thoughts...

Total Intensity eyeshadow: 'Crave'

Total Intensity eyeshadow Crave Prestige Cosmetics

Total Intensity eyeshadow Crave Prestige Cosmetics open pot
2g, available for $8.50 at various US retail partners.

Total Intensity eyeshadow Crave website pic
This pic has been taken from
I have worn this gold eyeshadow often since it arrived, and I've received many compliments! This product is highly pigmented, meaning it's not only gorgeously shimmery, but a little goes a long way.

Total Intensity eyeshadow Crave swatch

This crease-free shadow has a satin-soft feel, making it a luxurious treat to apply. It also holds well, and so you can skip applying a primer if you're in a hurry.

I adore the little pot it comes packaged in too - it's not only aesthetically pleasing, but effectively protects the shadow from breaking into a messy dust.

Unfortunately, I have yet to locate anywhere in the UK which stocks Total Intensity shadows, which is a real shame. I'd really love to get my mitts on these two...

Total Intensity eyeshadow Black Magic and Obession
Total Intensity eyeshadows I need in my life: Black Magic and Obsession.

Total Intensity eyeliner pencil: 'Bold Brown'

Total Intensity eyeliner pencil Bold Brown
1.2 g, available for £5.49 from UK Prestige Cosmetics stockist
Total Intensity eyeliner Bold Brown swatch

This eyeliner is fantastic, though I must admit I have used it more often for eyebrow filling! Not only is it highly pigmented like the before-mentioned Total Intensity shadow, but it is also waterproof, touch-proof and lasts up to 10 hours - a claim I can confirm as true!

As you can see, I have already used about half of this pencil. This is not just because it is a really great liner, but also due to the fact it is REALLY HARD to sharpen.

Of course, Prestige Cosmetics does recommend using one of their own sharpeners on the website, but I was not fortunate enough to receive one in my package. As such I have been using my standard one.

Should I purchase more of these liners in the future (and I really think I will - they're great!), I will definitely also invest in one of the brand's own sharpeners.

How cute is this heart-shaped one?
Prestige Heart Shaped Sharpener
Available for £3.49, from UK Prestige Cosmetics stockist

Total Intensity eyeliner Powerful Purple and Fierce Blue
These are the two other Total Intensity eyeliner colours I would most like to try: Fierce Blue and Powerful Purple.

Prestige Vinylwear Extreme brilliant shine lip gloss: 'Fuchsia Freefall'

Vinylwear lip gloss Prestige Cosmetics 6ml UK
6ml, available for $5.95 at various US retail partners (the mini holographic notebook was used to stop it rolling around for snapping!)
When I first saw this lip gloss, I was like "WOAH, HOW BRIGHT!?" but it's not actually as scary as it might first appear. You can layer it up to be eye-widening pink if desired, but using a little provides a far more natural look.
Prestige Cosmetics Vinylwear lip gloss Fuchsia Freefall swatch
You'll have to forgive the hand swatch - my lips are really dry today (not a good look!)
I really like the consistency of this slick gloss. It's not sticky which is all-too-often the case with high shine lip products. It's very moisturising too, and has a pleasant, sweet, subtle fragrance.

'Fuchsia Freefall' is certainly not a colour I would pick out normally - I rarely steer away from clear and very light-pink glosses. I do however, ADORE the look of this colour...

Vinylwear lip gloss Prestige Cosmetics Radical Cherry
Vinylwear lip gloss Prestige Cosmetics in 'Radical Cherry' - WANT!
A quick Google search indicates a distinct lack of retailers in the country stocking Vinylwear lip gloss. I'll be sure to let you know if I come across any UK websites from which you can buy it (international P&P is often a costly nightmare!)

Prestige Cosmetics' products are stocked in 46 countries across the globe, so be sure to check out the brand's website to find your nearest stockist.

I would particularly recommend the Total Intensity line - I just wish Prestige Cosmetics' products were more widely available in the UK. I'm going to be so upset when my 'Crave' eyeshadow is depleted!

What do you think of these products?