Saturday, 16 February 2013

£1.47 = 2 x Sleek 'Twist Up' eye pencils + GOSH eyeshadow trio

Superdrug bargains Sleek eyeliners and GOSH eyeshadow
Total cost = £1.47: What a bargain!
The (untold) events of Valentine's Day left me feeling pretty glum, and so when Friday lunchtime rolled around, I was in dire need of some retail therapy.

I have previously mentioned  I am meant to be adhering to a spending ban (something that's even more important now I've booked a solo, end-of-March Amsterdam trip on my credit card!), and so I knew I couldn't spend a great deal on myself.

However, I decided I would allow myself to buy a couple of the Intense Colour MUA eyeliner pencils I have wanted for a while, since they retail for just a £1 each.

MUA Intense Colour eyeliner pencils White and Turquoise
MUA Intense Colour eyeliner pencils: 'White' and 'Turquoise'
I went into Superdrug and picked up the 'White' and 'Turquoise' pencils, but before I reached the till to pay for them, some items on Superdrug's discount shelf (which has provided great bargains before) caught my eye...

Sleek 'Twist Up' eye pencils

Sleek Twist Up eyeliner pencils White and Sea Blue
Just 49p each!
Sleek Twist Up eyeliner pencil White and Sea Blue caps off
I don't know why my coffee table is so scratched, hmmm...
Quite a number of Sleek 'Twist Up' eye pencils had been reduced to just 49p (from their RRP of £2.50 each), including 'White' and 'Sea Blue'. Needless to say, I immediately put the MUA pencils back!

I've been meaning to try some Sleek products for a while and these bargain pencils provided a perfect opportunity!

The twist-up action works well, and I love the vivid colour of each. I was particularly impressed with the white one, since this colour doesn't often translate well in makeup products in my experience.

Sleek Twist Up eyeliner pencil swatches White and Sea Blue
The white looks silver...but it is white, I promise!

GOSH Trio eyeshadow (TR15 'Sense')

GOSH eyeshadow trio TR15 Sense
Also only 49p! 
I also found this GOSH eyeshadow trio on Superdrug's discount shelf. The original price of this 'Sense' compact was £6.49, so I just had to have it, even though I already own a ridiculous number of eyeshadows!

My favourite shadow of the three is definitely the pearlescent, peach-white at the bottom - it's really shimmery, yet subtle.

GOSH eyeshadow trio TR15 Sense lid up
You can see I've used the bottom shadow a couple of times already.
These eyeshadows could be used together to create a gorgeous, smoky eye aesthetic.

It's worth noting that both of the Sleek pencils and the GOSH eyeshadow trio were fully sealed - I would never buy open makeup products. Ew.

I'm looking forward to experimenting with these items more soon - I think the white Sleek pencil will work well to make my inner eye area 'pop', while 'Sea Blue' should compliment my blue Barry M shimmer dusts.

Have you found any similar makeup bargains recently?