Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Pay Day Booty #4: Pink Cookie makeup bags & brushes, Pearls and So... eau de toilette & lip balm set

Although I am supposed to be adhering to a self-imposed Spending Ban at the moment, I couldn't resist A TINY BIT OF RETAIL THERAPY when Pay Day arrived last Thursday (well, it had been a long, stressful week!)

Fortunately, I didn't actually spend that much money - less than £8 in fact! I reckon I got some great bargains - what do you think?

Pink Cookie make up bag and brushes gift set
Pink Cookie make up bags and brushes gift set, £3, Savers: This is just one of the Christmas-gift sets still in stock (and reduced) in the Worthing Savers store.

I have wanted a new makeup bag for a while, and since I have a real soft spot for American flash tattoo artwork, I just HAD to have this set! The pink bag is much larger than the black one (I'll be using the black as my main cosmetics purse). The brushes in this set aren't half bad either - they're much better than I ever expected they would be!

I own quite a few Pink Cookie Designs items now, including a charm bracelet, watch and keyring. 
Glass pearl necklace, bracelet and earrings set Superdrug
Glass pearl necklace, bracelet and earrings set, £2.99 Superdrug: I really like faux-pearl and beaded necklaces - it's rare I don't have a string of plastic beads around my neck! I don't usually make an effort to match my jewellery, but this glass pearl set - originally £5.99 - makes doing so easy.

Unfortunately, I won't be making a habit of wearing the studs for long periods. Even though the packaging states they are made from hypo-allergenic metal, after wearing them (well, one of them - I have one stretched ear) for a day, my earlobe was fairly sore. Still, this trio is great for the price!

So... Rock 'n' Roll eau de toilette and lip balm set boxed
So... Rock 'n' Roll eau de toilette and lip balm set, £1.99, Superdrug: I got a So... Kiss Me gift set this Christmas; something I receive/buy almost annually, since Kiss Me is one of my favourite EDT's. This year, the gift set included a lip balm, which quickly became my go-to-lip-goo.

When I saw this set for just £1.99 (again, left-over Xmas stock) I just had to put it in my basket. Now I can keep a So... lip balm in my handbag, one at home and one on my desk at work - smooth smackers around the clock!
Unboxed: So... Fab has a blackcurrant, vanilla and Bergamot fragrance, while So... In Love is a mix of apple, musk and mandarin (I think I prefer the latter - it's hard to choose between them!) The lip balms aren't flavoured, though they are slightly scented.

So... In Love So... Fab lip balm
So... In Love & So... Fab lip balms uncapped.
So... Kiss Me lip balm 10g
The So... Kiss Me lip balm I got for Christmas.