Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Deluxebite: Gourmet Artisan Foods & Donations Too! [REVIEW]

Deluxebite Detox Box January 2013

Back in January, I was sent a box of delicious goodies from artisan food box company Deluxebite. For each £20* box  - filled with a quintet of gourmet food products - sold, the company will support the country's food banks by buying a meal for a hungry UK family.

*cheaper if you choose a longer plan!

Deluxebite customers then, not only get the chance to try products which they wouldn't typically find on the shelves of Tesco, but get to do something charitable for others too!

I was sent the 'Deluxebite Detox Box' (January's edition) to review, filled with goodies intended to restore the body's 'balance and harmony'.

Deluxebite Detox Box handwritten note
Handwritten note included in the box :]

Deluxe Bite January Box contents...

Coffee Factory Black Label 

"A blend of seasonally selected beans roasted and hand picked in Devon  Light acidity, medium body, sweet, chocolatey, light nuttiness."

Coffee Factory Black Label

This is possibly the nicest coffee I have ever tasted! The clever holes on the reverse of the packet meant I could smell the coffee's rich aroma even before I enthusiastically ripped the seal open. The chocolatey taste mentioned on the packet is subtle, and of the dark, bitter cocoa variety which I personally love - it really does add an irresistible taste-dimension to the beverage!

The energy-rush from this coffee is undeniably powerful, but not to the point where you're left feeling you're having heart palpitations, thankfully.

I must admit that before I received this coffee for review, I had never owned - let alone, used - a caffettiere in my life. I even had to Google how to use one, haha! Fortunately, Mum had one in the cupboard she rarely used, which she kindly donated to me.

While I tend to stick to instant coffee on workdays (it's that little bit quicker to prepare during the morning rush) Black Label is now my coffee of choice for weekend wake-ups. I will definitely be buying a pack or two when my 100g sample is used up - not long to go!

Nim's Fruit Crisps (Pineapple & Kiwi)

"...born out of my need to create deliciously tasty snacks that adults and children want to eat. Naturally, they would also have to be healthy. Nim's are made from 100% fruit with no additives, preservatives or concentrates. All the fruits have skin, core and pips left in, making it a moreishly crispy snack that retains colour, enhances natural flavours and is high in fibre and vitamin C. Free from fat, gluten and dairy. Quite simply, it's fruit re-invented! 

Nim's Fruit Crisps (Pineapple & Kiwi)

I have always been a fan of dried banana chips but it's never really occurred to me that other fruits would undergo the same drying-out process (a tad stupid of me, eh?)

I'm glad someone had the initiative to dry out pineapples and kiwis though, because these fruit crisps are lovely! Really sharp and flavoursome, but also very's easy to forget you are eating fruit at all! I could actually see children eating these crisps, which is no small feat.

My only complaint would be that I wish the bag was larger than 22g, but hey, it is a snack product! I really hope I will find these crisps - and Nim's other varieties (orange & melon, apple & strawberry, and pear & kiwi) - the next time I visit Holland & Barrett.

Nim's really are an ideal desk snack, so I hope they're not too expensive either - I'd like to stock up. YUM!

Raman's Handmade Relish: Unique Butternut Squash

"Grilled butternut squash mixed with a unique blend of spices for a warm and distinctive flavour. Wonderfully versatile..."

Raman's Handmade Relish Unique Butternut Squash

This butternut squash relish is really suited to this time of year - the warmth provided by the spices within is ideal for inclusion in dishes typically cooked to help us combat the bite of chilly winter evenings. The sweetness of the butternut squash meanwhile balances the pallet, and ensures the spice-kick is not too overpowering (I'm a spice-wuss, but even I think this relish is delicious!)

Unique Butternut Squash is a really versatile products, since it can be used as a sauce, a glaze for chicken, to add extra flavour to soups, as a dip, and almost any other way the chef-in-you can think of.

All too often I find it incredibly hard to eat breakfast, especially dry foods (*wierdo*) which makes toast problematic. However, I have been spreading this on toast during the past week, and have managed to eat such in the mornings with no problems! I can only assume the yummy flavours and spice in the relish help speed up the production of enzymes in my mouth and thus; early eating is less of a struggle.

And since it's only ingredients are butternut squash (duh), tomato, onion, sesame, spices, salt, malt vinegar and sunflower oil, the calorie content is reasonably low (the internet can't seem to tell me exactly how many calories are in this relish!)

I would buy this product for sure.

Bracken Hill Fine Foods' Apple Chutney

"Yorkshire preserves - no added sugar."

Bracken Hill Fine Foods' Apple Chutney

I've never tried an apple chutney before, despite absolutely loving mango variants.

This chutney is very sharp - the onion it contains is the first ingredient your pallet will recognise upon tasting, but the tangyness of the apple soon cuts through. The finale is a subtle and sweet flavour, as the power of its fragrant spices slips away.

While this chutney is not unpleasant, I must admit I wouldn't go out of my way to buy it in the future. That's the great thing about Deluxebite boxes though - you get the chance to try some foods you never have before. You might not like them all, but finding out is all part of the fun!

I think I'll give this chutney to a friend to enjoy, since I can't see myself eating too much of it.

Great Glen Game Chilli Venison Chorizo

Great Glen Game Chilli Venison Chorizo

I've yet to open this chilli venison chorizo and taste it, since you have to use it up within 10 days once the seal is broken and I don't want to waste any of it! I bet it is lovely though - only the nicest foods are awarded Great Taste Gold Awards!

I plan on making a BBQ pizza soon and using this as part of the topping -  I bet it'll be lush!

Deluxebite box & ripped sticker

Have you ever tried any monthly food boxes before? I think I'll be ordering some boxes from Deluxebite in the future.