Sunday, 9 December 2012

LED Cosmetics Mirror by Pebble Grey [REVIEW]

Pebble Grey specialises in beautifully modern mirrors, cabinets, lighting and accessories for bathrooms. The brand works hard to ensure its luxury products - including LED, illuminated and infinity mirrors, and glass shelves, towel hooks and robe bars (etc.) - are as environmentally-friendly and durable as possible, while always aesthetically stunning.

Currently, customers who spend over £150 in a single transaction will receive an LED-lit handbag cosmetics mirror (priced at £14.99) absolutely FREE. I was recently sent one of these mirrors to review.

Pebble Grey LED Makeup mirror main

Pebble Grey LED Makeup Mirror: Presentation

I really like the presentation box in which the makeup mirror was placed. The granite colour of the box compliments the Pebble Grey brand, and its logo is neatly embossed in silver to the front.

Pebble Grey handbag mirror presentation box front

The reverse of the presentation box meanwhile, discreetly features Pebble Grey's website URL.

Pebble Grey handheld mirror presentation box reverse

The box indicates its contents as high-end immediately, providing a great first impression.

Upon opening the box, a lovely, black velvet draw-cord gift bag is found, also marked with the Pebble Grey logo. This bag allows the owner to protect their LED mirror from potential scratches and dings while carrying it about in a handbag.

Pebble Grey mirror velvet gift bag

Under this bag lies the cosmetics mirror itself...

Pebble Grey LED Makeup Mirror front review

Pebble Grey LED Cosmetics Mirror reverse
Attractive reverse of the LED makeup mirror.

Pebble Grey LED Makeup mirror lit up open

Pebble Grey Makeup Mirror: The Features

  • Double sided 
  • 2 x Magnification
  • 6 x 0.12W LEDs
  • Battery type: 23A (included)
Although not listed as a feature on, I think it should also be noted this mirror can be bent back fully, without fear of breaking the hinge-mechanism or electronics inside.

Handbag makeup mirror bent fully back Pebble Grey

Is this LED mirror a handbag must?

I have to say I was really surprised regarding how lightweight this mirror is, and the great brightness of its LEDs. The mirror's lighting really does see applying makeup in my poorly-lit studio flat a much easier task.

The lights are also very helpful for checking I've not smudged my makeup efforts, should I find myself waiting somewhere outside to meet a friend during these dark winter evenings.

The 2 x magnification meanwhile, makes fiddly beauty tasks such as plucking brows and using liquid eyeliner much simpler (magnification is no substitute for a steady hand, but certainly helps!)

There is only one downside to this mirror as far as I am concerned - sometimes the reflection is a little too good! If you've had a rough couple of days, or haven't been getting all the Zzzzzs you need, I would avoid looking in this mirror since every skin blemish will be twice-magnified, which could negatively impact your self esteem.

Personally, it acts as a great reminder to drink more water!

If there's a lady in you life for whom you still have not purchased a Christmas gift, this mirror could be the ideal solution.


To read more about this mirror and see a fantastic range of bathroom wares, be sure to visit Remember; you'll get this mirror free if you spend £150.