Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Total Shaving Solution [REVIEW]: Why I'm an Oil Convert

The few people unfortunate enough to have laid eyes on my bare pins will know I am a complete calamity when it comes to shaving - I'm riddled with scars! When I was invited to review Total Shaving Solution - a shaving oil which promises no cuts or irritation - then, I was intrigued enough to step up.
Total Shaving Solution 10ml review
I was sent the 10ml bottle to review. Price: €5 

Total Shaving Solution TM is a 100% natural shaving oil. It gives you the closest shave you'll ever experience, and it's kind to your skin, making bumps, redness and cuts a thing of the past.

100% natural ingredients: Sesame seed oil, soya bean oil, grapeseed oil, menthol, clove bud oil and lavender oil. NO ALCOHOLS, DYES, SALTS, PERFUMES, SOAPS OR CHEMICALS.

Total Shaving Solution 10ml unboxed
Total Shaving Solution, unboxed. The print  on the bottle - like the box above - is a little dishevelled through use.
I used to think my endless shaving cuts were caused by rushing the shaving process (at over 6ft tall, de-fuzzing my legs is no quick task!) but after trying Total Shaving Solution, I think the shaving foams I have traditionally used are to blame. Bubbly, white foam has often seen my razor slip and nick my skin as a result.

'Protective layer' my arse, Mr Gillette!

Total Shaving Solution however, causes no such woes. In fact, after shaving my left leg with great caution - and without sustaining a single injury - I attacked the hair on my right leg with far more vigour. Again; I didn't cut myself once. Irritation? No. A fine, close shave? Why....YES!

While the bottle may seem incredibly small, a little goes a long way. Applying  a few drops to the area to be shaved, and then adding plenty of water is enough to see the blades of your razor glide and cut efficiently.

I didn't quite believe this initially, and so I applied more then the recommended three drops to my first leg. Massaging in plenty of water sees the oil become ever so slightly 'soapy' (that's really not the best choice of adjective, since the product contains no soap whatsoever!) but it won't come off until the area is shaved or, alternatively, washed with a product such as shower gel.

I applied just three drops to my second leg, which provided sufficient coverage, and protection.

I am not quite sure how to describe the scent of Total Shaving Solution, other than "clean", and subtly minty. It is certainly a gender-neutral smell (though adding a sweet scent, and changing the box to black and pink would certainly see the product more appealing for the female market, in my opinion!)

I have to say I am extremely impressed by Total Shaving Solution. I've used it a few times now and I definitely have no immediate plans to revert back to foam!

If you want to try out the fantastic Total Shaving Solution for yourself (and I suggest you do!), you should visit the website. You can also follow the brand on Twitter.