Sunday, 30 December 2012

Christmas Bathtime: 'Three Wise Men' Festive Foam Bath by Ness [REVIEW]

Three Wise Men foam bath from Ness
Aside from time off work, receiving a few gifts and the family roast dinner, finally having access to Mum's bathtub was a key factor in my excitement for Christmas this year (it's the simple things in life...)

Showers - like the one in my studio flat - are fine for a quick scrub up, but hardly provide a relaxing experience! Lying down in hot water really is the best way to unwind, and sooth tired muscles and minds. As such, I spent an hour of Christmas Day in the bath, pampering myself.

This meant I finally got to try out the 'Three Wise Men' bath foam sample I was recently sent by Ness, a handmade toiletries business in Inverness.

Three Wise Men Ness bath foam sample & Soap & Glory shower puff
'Three Wise Men' bath soak sample bottle & my Soap & Glory shower puff.
'Fill the tub and your senses with this indulgent, festive bath foam. Let the notes of the frankincense  ylang ylang and orange essential oils transport you back to the nativity scene, and help you relax into the Christmas spirit.'

The fragrance: The orange essential oils occupy the top-notes of this foam's smell, while the frankincense's woodiness and the floral undertones of the ylang ylang delicately cut through in intervals.

Equally uplifting and comforting, the fragrance definitely reminds one of Christmas, though it is not sickly-sweet like many scents included in beauty and home products designed for the holidays.

The foam: I added around a quarter of the sample bottle (50ml total volume?) to my Christmas Day bath, under the hot running tap. I have to say a small amount of bubbles resulted, but I think this was due to my conservative pouring - I wanted to get as many baths out of the little bottle as possible!

Unfortunately, it is not clear on Ness' website as to how many millilitres are included in the full size version (£8.95), but the bottle does appear to be fairly sizeable.

I have since used the bath foam in the shower with my (recently acquired) Soap & Glory shower puff, and the product foamed up much more! I like how the scent lingers on my skin with this method also. The resulting foam is luxuriously soft and moisturising - it seemed a shame to eventually rinse off and watch the bubbles spiral down the drain!

Final thoughts

Considering the product's name, this bath foam would obviously make a great Christmas gift for a loved one. However, I would not be adverse to buying this for someone - or myself - at any other time of year - it's lovely!

Even better; Ness is a social enterprise and works to provide training for adults who face barriers when it comes to finding employment. Not only will your skin be left sumptuously soft then, but each Ness purchase will also help to make a huge difference to someone's life.

You can take a closer look at the full size 'Three Wise Men' bath soak, and Ness' other wonderful-looking handmade products by visiting their website (click the banner below).

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