Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The Body Shop Banana Conditioner, Raspberry Born Lippy and Vitamin E Night Cream sample

The Body Shop recycled brown paper bag

A few months back, I acquired a voucher for The Body Shop, granting me £3 off any item. This voucher had a plastic pot attached to it, to be filled with a free sample of one of the brand's signature products.

The Body Shop £3 discount and sample voucher

I finally made use of this coupon today, with a visit to the Worthing store during my lunch hour. I decided to buy The Body Shop's much-loved banana conditioner (£4.50 for 250ml), which has returned to the shelves after many years, due to popular demand.

The Body Shop Banana hair conditioner

I have never used this product myself, but after seeing so many other beauty bloggers rave about it lately, I decided to go and give it a sniff. It smells absolutely divine! Not only does it contain banana puree, but Fair Trade honey too.

Foam banana sweets tuck shop
Remember these sweets? The Body Shop's banana conditioner smells just like them!
I hope my hair agrees with this conditioner, and it is rich enough to provide good coverage. I get through an awful lot of conditioner usually, so I am not sure I would have bought his item should I have not had the £3 discount (meaning I paid £1.50). I'll let you know my thoughts.

Not wanting to appear cheap, I bought another item as part of the same transaction; The Body Shop's raspberry 'Born Lippy' lip balm (£2 for 10ml).

Born Lippy raspberry The Body Shop

While this lip balm also smells - and tastes - lovely, has a pleasing pink tint, and has left my chapped lips feeling instantly more supple, it was a bit of a redundant purchase.

Why? Because I already have a COLOSSAL COLLECTION OF LIP GOO.

To prove my point, I have just emptied the contents of my handbag and coat pockets. Here are the lip products I found...

KatSick lip goo hoard
This is not even a quarter of the lip care products I own. So, why can I never find a lip balm or gloss when I need one!?
In no way did I need to buy another lip balm!

Vlogger Jenna Marbles actually mentioned goo hoarding recently, as part of her video 'Things I don't understand about girls' (I have embedded this to the bottom of this post, for your enjoyment).

Anyway, which free sample did I select?

The Body Shop Vit E Night Cream sample
♫ The best things in life are wee... 
That would be the Vitamin E Night Cream (RRP £4 for 15ml, or £11 for 50ml). 

I have to say, the lady who served me could have been a little more generous with her sample! The pot isn't even that big to begin with (5ml) so the smidge she supplied is a little disappointing. Hopefully my skin will appreciate it though! We'll see...