Monday, 17 December 2012

Eye Experiment #2: 'Blue Glamour' Crazy Lenses & Cheryl Cole's Eyelure Festival Lashes

I've been meaning to do another 'Eye Experiment' post for a while, since I received lots of great feedback for my first one, published back in October.

This experiment is a little simpler than the last, since the look comprises just two items; 'Blue Glamour' Crazy Lenses and Cheryl Cole's Eylure 'Festival Lashes.'

Eye Experiment 2 KatSick Final Look
See the end of this post for more pictures!

'Blue Glamour' KatSick Kit

Cheryl Cole's Eylure Festival Lashes

I bought these fake lashes on a whim while in Savers last week (I'm not a Cheryl Cole or Girls Aloud fan!)

At just £1, I really couldn't resist giving them a go!

Cheryl Cole Eylure Festival Lashes
£1...a bargain, or just crap?
Cheryl Cole Eylure Festival Lashes close up
A closer look...

The zip-pouch also contained a tube of application glue and a Girl's Aloud/Eylure lanyard. I had absolutely no purpose for the latter and as such, I threw it straight in the bin.

Girls Aloud Eyelure false lashes lanyard
Thought you might want to see it anyway...

Crazy Lenses 'Blue Glamour' contact lenses recently sent me a set of 90-day 'Blue Glamour' fashion contact lenses to review, which I saved for this Eye Experiment.

Blue Glamour fashion contact lenses
'Blue Glamour' contact lenses by Crazy Lenses, £12.99
I was also sent a bottle of contact lens cleaning solution, to keep them in optimal condition between wears. 

Edit Contact Lens cleaning solution bottle

Removing the silver foil which covers each of the two glass lens containers reveals a rubber stopper. As such, a little solution can be placed in each to keep the lenses clean and moist while in storage.

I used a permanent marker to mark one stopper 'L' and the other 'R', to prevent muddling the lenses and any subsequent cross-contamination.

Contact lens stopper markings 'L' and 'R'

Without further ado, here are the three steps to follow to achieve the 'Blue Glamour' look...

Step #1

Photographing your own eyes is much harder than you might think...
Apply a layer of your preferred mascara to the lashes of each of your eyes. 

Step #2

Once the mascara is dry, it's time to gently insert each of the contact lenses. 

Take one lens and place it on your index finger. After ensuring the lens is the right way around (i.e. bowled away from you), look straight ahead into a mirror. Use your thumb and another finger to separate your top and bottom lids, while using your index finger to gently place the lens over your pupil.

This a little tricky for those new to contact lenses (I'm a rookie myself!), but practise makes perfect! You may need to close your eyelid once the lens is against your eye, and use your finger to gently manipulate the lens into the right place - this is not as scary or uncomfortable as it may sound!

Contact lense on fingertip application
The squeamish bit!
Eye Experiment 2 fashion contact lens step 2

NOTE: Step #1 and #2 can be switched if preferred. I just felt it would be harder to apply mascara after inserting each of the lenses in to my (usually very sensitive) eyes.

Step #3

Now it's time to apply the Cheryl Cole Festival Lashes. Simply spread a layer of the enclosed glue across the lash line of each set and once tacky, carefully affix along your own natural lash line. 

You may have to realign the falsies a few times to ensure they're in exactly the right place. 

And that's it! Here's some pics of me donning 'Blue Glamour' eyes...

Double eye shot Blue Glamour contact lenses KatSick

Eye Experiment 2 Context 1

Eye Experiment 2 Context 2
Yes, I changed my hair AGAIN.

Final thoughts & Crazy Lenses Review

I have to say I actually prefer the eyelashes I purchased from Poundland and used in Eye Experiment #1! Cheryl Cole's Festival Lashes didn't seem to stick as well, and I found them to be too dramatic/an odd shape (though you could trim them down if preferred). 

I was also disappointed the lashes' gold flecks weren't very noticeable once applied. But hey, they cost a £1 (not that I intend to buy any more).

I was pleasantly surprised about the easy application process for the fashion contact lenses I received from My eyes stream with tears when met with the tiniest amount of sunshine or cold wind, so I didn't think my fingers going so close to my eyes would bode well at all!

You have to ensure the lenses are placed in just the right place, which is tricky. Once there though, you can't tell your wearing the lenses at all. Other people will notice though and that's what's so great about them. Since these lenses are somewhat natural looking at first glance, people gaze into your peepers a while before questioning if you're wearing lenses. 

Of course, more aesthetically dramatic contact lenses are also available in the extensive Crazy Lenses catalogue - go and have a browse! There's certainly a few other designs I am interested in experimenting with in the future.

Do let me know what you think of this Eye Experiment.