Friday, 26 April 2013

Stunning Mesh Fringe Necklace, from

 Olivia Accessories gift bag and mesh fringe necklace KatSick

You may remember I became quite ill towards the end of 2012. It was nothing serious, but if you had told me that at the time, I'd have ripped your head off - I had EPIC (wo)man flu, which left me absolutely drained for weeks, and fall behind with my blogging exploits.

In my mucus-fuelled haze, I forgot to review a gorgeous necklace gifted to me by, an online shop offering a plethora of gorgeous jewellery and accessory items.


Be sure to check out my Olivia Accessories wishlist, included after my necklace review, too!

Black Mesh Fringe Necklace Review

Black fringe necklace from
I have to say, the light weight of this necklace really surprised me - I imagined it would be quite heavy considering it's complex construction! But no, while the super-reflective chain is very durable, it sits incredibly comfortably - it's so easy to forget I'm even wearing it!

While light, the necklace never moves out of position on it's own accord, which is a great design feat.

I never thought I'd ever wear this necklace during the daytime before it arrived, but it's really quite versatile - I've teamed it with both casual and more dressy, evening attire (but then again, I was never one to shy away from mismatched outfits and accessories!)

The fact the chain is adjustable is also a bonus, since you can position it optimally to sit above - and draw attention to - your shirt puppies... *SNIGGER*

Black fringe necklace adjustable chain

I've included a couple of high resolution pictures, taken directly from the Olivia Accessories website, too.

I'm still limited to the camera on my HTC (boo!), which isn't too great at picking up finer details, and I really wanted to show you the tactile texture of the strong, glint-in-the-light mesh:

Black fringe mesh necklace:

Seriously, the metal mesh used to construct this necklace is awesome! It's so intricate.

At just £10, this necklace is fantastic value for money!

My Olivia Accessories wishlist

These are my most wanted items, from the selection currently available on - I NEED MO' MONEY!

Green and white paved stretch bracelet (£8 - STUNNING!), Blue and yellow heart earrings (£5 - I really dig the contrast!), Pearl bracelet (£5.50 - I adore vintage-esque faux pearls) and Pink and black heart necklace (£8 - long length beads are a staple of my jewellery box, and this heart one is adorable!)

Which is your favourite item from my wishlist? I'd love you to tell me in the comments below - I read, and really appreciate, every single one! 

Be sure to check out for yourself, and follow the brand on Twitter!

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