Tuesday, 23 April 2013

So It's The Brighton Blogger Meet On Saturday...

Brighton Pier sunset lips

It's the Brighton Blogger Meet this Saturday (April 27), and judging from recent updates from the event's organiser - Laura of lolaandbehold.blogspot.co.uk -  it's going to be a fantastic, and very busy, day!

What are we up to?

Brighton Blogger Meet sponsers

We're meeting in a pub called The Globe in Brighton's South Laines around midday, and we'll be joined by a representative from Lush who will be giving us a few demos (exactly what kinds of demos is still hush-hush!)

We'll also be joined by a representative from Nail Girls London, who has apparently picked out some varnishes for us, based on our blog-themes/personalities! Exciting!

After a couple of hours, we'll be heading to the My Salon Looks beauty, tanning and hair salon for another demonstration - something related to Moroccan oil I believe, which is great since I looooove Moroccan oil hair products!

There may be some more demos on the day, but these are TBC. Hopefully they'll be time for some shopping though!

Laura has been working really hard collecting bits and pieces from some very generous brands who volunteered to sponsor our blogger meet, and fill our goody bags (take a look at the logo collage above for a few!) Lilla has also secured us ladies some post meet-up treats from The Body Shop, which is obviously awesome as well!

We're scheduled to eat at Oregano - a yummy Italian by Brighton Pier - in the early evening.

Lilla (of lillaloves.com) has also booked a table at Brighton's Funfair Club, for the girls who're still full of beans when the clock hits 11pm.

Unfortunately  it's unlikely I'll be able to stay for dinner, let alone go clubbing, as my Aunt has decided this is the weekend to pay my family a visit (I do love you if you're reading this Bev, but proper poor timing! Ha!)

Brighton Blogger Meet - whose going?

There's 20 Brighton bloggers attending the event, and so I know I've missed a couple of ladies who should also be on the list below. If you're one of them - sorry! Let me know and I'll add you ASAP!

I must admit I'm quite nervous to meet everyone - I'm initially much shyer than people expect for a ridiculously tall and neon-haired bird! I'm sure everyone will be super lovely though, and life's all about doing the things that scare you...right?


Me (duh!)
Laura of lolaandbehold.blogspot.co.uk (double duh!)
Lilla of lillaloves.com (triple duh!)
Annabelle of annabelle-miller.com
Jessica of fashionmeasmile.com

You can follow what we're all up to on the day by keeping tabs on hash tag: #btonbloggermeet Let's hope our phone batteries don't die too quickly!

I'll be sure to tell you all about the meet here afterwards too - why not follow me on GFC (button to top right of this page), so you don't miss my recap post? If you've attended a blogger meet up before, I'd love to hear about it in the comments. Were you nervous?

Kat x