Monday, 15 April 2013

Poundland Purchases: Collection 2000 Poptastic Eye Pallet & Miners' Complexion Collection

Poundland Purchases both KatSick

I popped into Poundland after work today to stock up on conditioner, but I couldn't resist basketing these two bargain beauty buys also...

Collection 2000 Poptastic Eye Pallet

I actually bought this pallet last week after reading about it on Hannah Marie's blog (I'd been tempted to get it for quite a while), but I picked up another one today because I like it so much!

Collection 2000 Poptastic eyeshadow x 2 KatSick
See, I told you I have two!
Collection 2000 Poptastic eye pallet

Collection 2000 Poptastic eye pallet top two rows swatches
The first six eyeshadows' swatches (first two rows, from left to right). My faves here are the two blues, and the final 'lime'  colour, which looks more yellow here than it is in reality!
The final three swatches. While I'm not particularly keen on the navy blue or slate-black shadows, I LOVE the shimmery green one!

A lovely french girl browsing the cosmetics section of pound shop complimented me on my duo-green eyeshadow (seen in the pic below), and I immediately pointed out the Poptastic pallet to her - she was really taken with it too!
Duo green eyeshadow KatSick
Today's eye makeup, using colours #6 and #7 from the Poptastic pallet. I still need a decent camera, eugh (keep dreaming, girl...) Also, the 17 mascara I used BLOWS - I'll moan about it in an upcoming post, don't worry ;]
Returning the favor, she then recommended my second Poundland purchase; Miner's Complexion Collection.

Miner's Complexion Collection

Miners Complexion Collection boxed

I'm yet to try out the highlighter and two blushers in this kit properly, but they look pretty good judging from the swatches. It'll be nice to have some more subtle blushers in my makeup arsenal - I've gone off the vividness of my usual "go-to."

Miners Complexion Collection raised texture
I really liked the raised textures :]
Miners Complexion Collection swatches
The pale pink highlighter (left) will likely become a favorite of mine...
Have you picked up any brilliant beauty bargains in Poundland recently? Maybe you're a brand snob, and wouldn't dream of buying makeup from a pound shop? I'd love you to share your thoughts with me in the comments below.