Tuesday, 19 March 2013

'Jules' (AKA Audrey Kitching) Baby Pink Wig from wonderlandwigs.com [REVIEW]

KatSick Wonderland Wigs 'Jules' trio
POSING: Oh, the self-indulgent shame...
wonderlandwigs.com recently gifted me one of their pink 'Jules' wigs worth £24.99, which you can see me posing in above (so shoot me...)

As you can see, I took several pictures - some with the flash on, and some with it off - since trying to capture the unique shade of this wig proved quite difficult with the not-so-awesome camera on my HTC (the final image provides the best colour match though!)

I prefer to call this wig the 'Audrey.' I picked it out from the selection available to me because I have long been a fan of the beautiful, pale pinks locks of fashion blogger and model Audrey Kitching.

Audrey Kitching
The 'Jules' wig mimics the lower half of Audrey's hair almost perfectly! 

A quality wig?

I have to say I was pretty impressed with the quality of this wig - it's not the usual fare you'd find in cheap-o fancy dress shops! While I wouldn't say the wig felt like real hair, the fiber used is really glossy and much closer to the real deal compared to wigs I've tried in the past.

There was also minimal 'fall out' - trying the wig on for the first time saw a few strands left on my clothing, but I've not faced this problem the four times I have worn it since.

I am also impressed by how secure the wig feels on my head. Before it was in my hands, I expected it to fall off in the wake of the smallest gust! However, not only it the internal hair net elasticated for a close fit and comfort, but there's a clip for added security too.

This means I - or you  - can party all night without fear of leaving a pink fluffy trail behind!



I posted the photo below on Facebook earlier this week, and fooled quite a few people into thinking I had gone blonde. The lens-effect I used removed the pink from the wig almost completely, creating the impression I had given my locks an intense dose of peroxide.

KatSick blonde wig

A few people commented that I resemble 'a scary doll' in the above photo. I'm cool with that, so long as they are referring to this doll in particular...

Tiffany Bride of Chucky
Bride of Chucky, Tiffany: Cool. As. Fuck.
It's amazing how a hair colour can completely transform your look! I'm seriously considering going blonde in the future - it's a colour I've always avoided before ("Ewwww - too girly!") but I'm starting to think it could make an interesting change...

Other awesome wigs from wonderlandwigs.com

There are many other wigs available from wonderlandwigs.com which I would love to own. Here are my four 'most wanted'...

Wonderland Wigs most wanted selection
Clockwise, from top left: Long blonde 'Tina' wig (longer and curlier than 'Jules'!)blue 'Katy Perry' wig (I love the vivid colour!), dark brown-to-bright red 'Bianca' wig (another eye-catching option) and black & brown dip-dye 'Fearne' wig (the volume of this wig reminds me of Cheryl Cole's much-envied locks). 

I would also love to experiment with some of the Colour Rub hair chalks which can also be purchased from the Wonderland Wigs site (£9.49 each) on my own hair. How cool is this rainbow look? 

Hair chalks colour rub

Do you experiment with wigs often? Or do hairpieces only come out of the dressing up box when it's time for Halloween, or a costume party? Have you got in on the hair chalk craze yet? 

Be sure to check out wonderlandwigs.com for yourself - there's plenty to see beyond wigs, including hair extensions, accessories, false eyelashes and more.