Saturday, 9 March 2013

A Cup of Teapigs Everyday Brew Will Make Everything Better...

There once was a time when I barely ever drank tea, and only ever indulged when I was offered a hot beverage while visiting friends. As a child, I loved tea (with toast!) but as I got older, more often than not PG Tips lost out to a glass of cold water.

There have been quite a few occasions in recent months though, when I have felt particularly low and/or stressed, and have turned to a cuppa.

Keep calm and drink tea

Endless Brits seem to rely on a brew to get them through tougher times. Perhaps it's just a distraction (Mmmm, milky hot water!), or scientists are right about tea's ability to reduce blood pressure and cortisol levels in the body.

Either way, I have definitely felt much better after drinking a cup during recent hyper-emotional states.

teapigs everyday brew

I entered a teapigs Twitter competition a few weeks ago, to win a box of their tummy-calming peppermint tea, but was not fortunate enough to win.

The whole-leaf-tea specialists however, did post me eight samples to try: two x peppermint, two x peppermint and liquorice, two x Darjeeling earl grey, and two x everyday brew.

teapigs everyday brew sample bag

I tried one of the everyday brew bags last week and I was amazed by its fragrant, zesty and malty taste, and the feel-good feelings it provided. I just knew I had to save the remaining bag for a later 'I-feel-crap-emergency' (I plan to invest in a big box of everyday brew next pay day, so they'll be no need for such rationing!)

Recent states of emotional code orange have seen me get on the Typhoo, but today is turning out to be a code red kinda day. I managed to get a 12 hour sleep in (I've really been sooo exhausted lately), but waking up to some wholly unnecessary aggravation has left me in a right stinker of a mood.

Everyday brew to the rescue - hopefully! I'm off to boil the kettle...

You can check out more whole-leaf-teabag wonders at, including teapigs' delicious chocolate flake tea, which I have discussed on this blog previously.