Thursday, 6 June 2013

Sinful Colors Nail Polishes: Have You Tried Them? At £1.99, You Should...

Sinful Colors professional nail varnish Queen of Beauty and I Miss You
Have you come across the vivid and affordable Sinful Colors nail varnish range yet? I spotted a stand in Boots a few weeks ago and today I decided to finally pick up a couple using my Advantage Card points.

'Queen of Beauty' is a clear varnish with lots silver glitter in, while 'I Miss You' is a bedazzling purple polish with multicoloured sparkles.

I have applied four layers to each nail in the Vine below, though the varnish is just as pretty if you apply less than this - it's just a personal preference thing!

What I love about Sinful Colors nail varnishes 

  • The price: At just £1.99 each, these varnishes are a great value for money.
  • The size: The value only increases when you consider the size of each bottle - 15ml
  • Very easy to apply: I'm not sure whether its due to the brush, or the formula, but these varnishes glide on so easily and they dry fairly quickly too. 
  • Raised lettering: This small touch makes the bottle very tactile - even the ingredients list is in raised print!
I also love the slightly gritty texture of these polishes. I can rarely stand having smooth nail polish on my fingernails. I know that probably sounds strange, but the tiniest chip will stir an OCD-like reaction in me, causing me to unattractively gnaw every glimpse of polish of my nails!

Slightly textured formulas seem a little more 'forgiving' in the wake of chips, as well as the imperfect application I can rely on the more idle of my two hands for!

Anyway, the Sinful Colors range comprises more than 70+ colours (in matte, shimmer and pearl finishes, as well as glittery options), so its definitely worth checking out if you're after some purse-friendly polishes.

Have you tried Sinful Colors yet? Will you be keeping an eye out for them in future?

Kat x