Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Spending Ban Empties #1: Bodhi face oil, Carmex Lime Twist and Mary Greenwell EDPs

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We're more than a week into May and I have so far managed to adhere to my self-imposed, month-long beauty spending ban (yes, I'm as shocked as you are!)

As promised, here is the first of my spending ban 'empties' posts - what goodies from my stash have I been enjoying while the beauty counters are out of bounds?

Here's my thoughts on just five, but stay tuned - there's more to come soon!

Mary Greenwell PLUM and LEMON EDP review

Mary Greenwell PLUM and LEMON EDP samples
RRP for each 100ml version: £90. 
A classic chypre with a memorable modern twist. Plum begins the story of femininity and joy, a fragrance of uncomplicated chic and sensual warmth. Top notes of English plum, blackcurrant, peach, bergamot and lemon blend with heart notes of gardenia, tuberose absolute, orange flower absolute, rose absolute and jasmine absolute with a base of precious woods, sandalwood, oakmoss, patchouli, amber and white musk complete the intoxicating scent.* 

The scent is one of sparkling freshness. The livelier, younger, and wreckless sister of PLUM, LEMON is an intense burst of fabulousness, unique, vivid and born to be cool.*

*Description from

PLUM comprises an appealing (and vast) mix of fruit, floral and musk fragrance-notes - I doubt there'd be a single woman out there who wouldn't like it!

This eau de parfum is warm and fruity, without being sickly sweet or heavy. I was left impressed with it's longevity - 12 hours after application and I was still enjoying the delicate muskiness on my skin (and accepting compliments down Tesco's fruit and veg aisle...)

I was pleasantly surprised by LEMON, which I prefer over PLUM. The fragrance has far more depth than I expected - there's many "earthy" notes in addition to the expected sharpness of the yellow-skinned fruit. The scent is really fresh, with no artificial hint (so there's no danger of smelling like Shrove Tuesday, don't worry!)

I would definitely like to try another sample of LEMON before deciding whether I'm willing to spend £90 on the 100ml, gold-plated cap version. I suspect I would be though!

Both PLUM and LEMON samples can be bought from, for £2.50 each +P&P. 

Neroli Lucé Revitalising Face Oil review

Bodhi Neroli Luce face oil review
 5ml, RRP £12.
Neroli Lucé Revitalising Face Oil is instantly absorbed to nourish and hydrate skin, leaving it toned and radiant without feeling greasy. Vital vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids help revive a lacklustre complexion, increase elasticity, boost resilience and rebalance the skin’s natural hydration system. Skin is protected from free radical damage and cocooned in the vibrant aroma of Mediterranean orange blossoms.*

*Description from

This face oil is a real TREAT! Over the past week, I have been using it after exiting the shower each morning. It's quickly absorbed, reviving the complexion and eliminating any pesky dry patches, leaving skin glowing and in ready-for-make-up condition.

Oh, and it smells absolutely divine! The scent is more masculine than I expected, but by no means is it unsuitable for women.

I must admit, I was a bit to discover the 5ml size included in my Brighton blogger meet goody bag actually retails for £12 (with a 15ml version costing £32). While this explains why my skin appreciates this oil so much, it's probably a little too expensive for me to justify currently, especially because I like to apply it fairly liberally. Still, I may treat myself eventually and I'll be keeping an eye out for any Bodhi special deals, in case I can pick this up for a lower price.

Neroli Luce really is a great skin oil, so I'm sad I can't add it to my skin care routine on a more permanent basis.

Lime Twist Carmex lip balm review

RRP £2.99
I fell in love with this lip balm the second I applied it for the first time. My lips instantly tingled (oooooh!) and were left more supple thanks to its Ultra Moisturising formula, This lip balm has quickly become the number one choice from my ever-mounting lip goo stash.

While this lip balm is currently far from empty, I felt it made sense to discuss it as part of this post.

If you're a fan of flavoured lip balm  this probably isn't the ideal choice for you, since it tastes slightly menthol and not at all fruity like it's extremely mouth-watering (!) and ZINGY mojito-like scent might suggest.

This is the only "downside" of the product in my opinion, though flavour is not all that important to me...I want to keep balm on my lips, not be encouraged to lick it off! The tingly sensation is great for reminding me to reapply the balm too - once it's worn off (usually after two hours or so), I know it's time to get some more on m'smackers!

Lime Twist is also SPF 15, meaning I can continue to enjoy using it should the sun ever decide to make an appearance.

I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for similar Carmex products in the future.

Natio Aromatherapy Renew Radiance foam cleanser review

Natio Aromatheraphy Renew Radiance foam cleanser review
100ml version: £6.80 from
Soap free cleanser with a neutral pH. Extra low foaming to avoid stripping skin of vital moisture. Leaves skin feeling pure, soft and moist.*

*Description from

This one of those 'does-exactly-what-it-says' skin care products. Pearlescent-white and fragrance free, this cleanser is ideal after a long day wearing makeup. It leaves skin feeling squeaky clean, without causing that horrible 'tight' sensation.

A little Renew Radiance goes a long way, despite the fact it's been formulated to be low foaming. I would definitely buy the full size version for £6.80. Hmmmm, maybe when the spending ban is over I'll pop to Debenhams and treat myself...

Which of my spending ban empties would you most like to try? 

Kat x