Thursday, 2 May 2013

No Makeup and No Shampoo! The #bbloggers Spending Ban

My relationship with retail therapy...

I've been in the financial red for a while now, thanks to the Amsterdam trip I stuck on my credit card back in February (an essential, not a luxury, from my overworked perspective!) and some recent overspending.

I was never really a "retail therapy" person. I have always been quite careful with my money, preferring to have at least £200 or so saved in the bank at all times for unforeseen circumstances.

However, emergency funds are now provided by my overdraft facility, which is obviously far from ideal!

I've felt quite low during the last couple of month's, though I've done well to hide this from those around me. A new lipstick, bottle of conditioner, face pack, or mascara (etc.) has been my daily cure; a placebo in reality.

My little flat is now COMPLETELY LITTERED with unused make up, hair and beauty items, though I should point out that PR samples account for around half. Regardless, I really need to make my way through at least some of the mounting stash before I even think about buying anything else!

When Kat (of told me on Twitter that a number of other bloggers are adhering to spending ban in May then, I just had to join in!


My spending ban rules

Spending absolutely nothing during May would be impossible, though I would LOVE to ignore balance-draining overheads like rent and electricity!

I've also been sleeping on the floor for months (don't ask...), and I'm in constant pain as a result (hence feeling down in the dumps), so there's going to be some Bank Holiday bed shopping this weekend. This will be another credit card buy but I'm desperate at this point.

OK, so I've not banned myself from spending money entirely in May. Rather, these products are completely off-limits to me because I have a surplus:
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Shower Gel
  • Skin care (in all forms)
  • Mascara
  • Foundation
  • Eye shadow
  • ....actually ALL MAKE-UP!
Basically, I'm not allowed to go to Boots, Superdrug, or makeup counters, for four weeks! Oh, unless of course I receive money/vouchers for either when my birthday rolls around on the 12th... ;]


Will I be successful? 

Well, it's the second day of the month and I've survived so far...

There's really no excuse for me not to adhere to this self-imposed ban, especially considering the bounty of products and samples I received during last weekend's Brighton Blogger Meet! I also received a lovely £30 gift voucher for ESPA at the event, so I can treat myself to a few bath and beauty goodies using that too later this month.

I am hoping to write a number of 'empties' posts throughout May, to share my thoughts on each of the samples and/or full size products I use up while my purse strings are tightly pulled.


Will I pass my month-long spending ban, or will I fail like last time? Stay tuned to find out. 
Have you ever successfully completed a spending ban?

Kat x