Thursday, 23 May 2013

Crap High Street Mascaras: Starring Cargo, Rimmel, Bourjois and 17

It seems every month I'll head to the High Street and buy what I hope will be some fantastic mascaras (not this month though, since I am on a beauty spending ban!) 

Unfortunately, it is often the case these new mascaras don't live up to my expectations and so I am forced to take a punt on some alternatives the following Pay Day...the cycle seems endless!

crap high street mascaras
Perhaps the key is to start paying £20+ per wanded-tube but I'd rather not if I can help it!

Anyway, I decided to sort through some of my makeup collection yesterday, and get rid of any products I know I won't use, or have become a tad too old to justify keeping (germs...ewww!) Amongst the bin-booty were the following four mascaras...

Crap High Street Mascaras KatSick
Before I tell what I don't like about each of them, let me just say that each responsible brand offers some really great cosmetics, but I was left really disappointed with these lash-licking offerings.

I'd be interested to know if you have tried any of them - I've read some really positive reviews of each in the past....maybe my naturally long lashes are just very fussy!

Cargo Lash Activator Triple Action mascara

Cargo Lash Activator Triple Action Mascara
9.5ml, £1 (from Savers)
I picked up this Cargo mascara when I spotted it for just a £1 in Savers. I've seen it retail for £15+ in the past and so it seemed a real bargain! Also, I'm a bit of a magpie and so I was instantly attracted to the shiny box.

This really is a terrible mascara, and definitely the worst of the four discussed in this post. 

While I do prefer waterproof mascaras (because my eyes are really sensitive to bright lights and cold weather), they're not as widely available as non-waterproof variants, so I do buy the odd non W/P every now and then. I didn't think it was possible to make a non W/P formula THIS bad though! Most are at least smudge-proof, but Lash Activator leaves you resembling a panda after even the faintest touch.

Additionally, it takes a ridiculously-long time for this mascara to dry and your eyes will sting and water like Hell should you dare blink! The mascara is almost impossible to layer up, and it does not makes lashes look curlier, like the cited "90%" on the box apparently claim.


Rimmel Waterproof Volume Flash X 10 mascara

Rimmel Waterproof Volume Flash X 10 mascara
8ml, £5.99, (from Boots)
This mascara actually got better as it got older - the formula was far too 'watery' during the first week of use! I switched back to this after two weeks or so though, and it had thickened up allowing me to have greater control during application, i.e. I could move stray lashes without moving every other already perfectly-placed lash, and build up layers with ease.

The helpful thickening saw the mascara dry out pretty quickly though. Boo!

I expected more - I usually love Rimmel products.

Bourjois Volume Clubbing mascara (Ultra Black)

Bourjois Volume Clubbing mascara (Ultra Black)
11ml, £7.99 (from Superdrug)
I actually reviewed the waterproof version of this mascara ages ago, and loved it! I took a risk and bought the non-W/P version last month, simply because it was on offer in Superdrug and was £2 cheaper than the W/P.

While the W/P left my lashes looking longer and perfectly fanned out, this one left 'em very clumpy (in fact, I was left looking as if I had just 10 lashes on each eyelid!) The very-black formula turned really thick after just a few uses too (and not to a usable degree like Rimmel's Volume Flash!) The W/P one does not suffer the same fate in my experience.

Still it's staying power is 100 times better than that of the before-mentioned Cargo mascara!

Seventeen (17) Va Va Voom waterproof mascara

Seventeen (17) Va Va Voom waterproof mascara
8ml, £6.29 (from Boots)
I was attracted to this mascara because of its large and bushy brush, and its price - £6.29 -  seemed pretty fair. I assumed it would leave my lashes wide, bold and flirty-looking like the previous reviews I read suggested but no...

Attempting to apply more than one layer (which I always do!) left me with horrendous spider-lashes, and the cumbersome brush means it's far too easy to poke yourself in the eye while using this mascara.

To make matters worse, the formula became thick and stodgy rather quickly (not helped by the residue inadvertently left around the screw-top every time the too-big brush was re-inserted into the tube).


Have you tried any of these mascaras? What do you think of them? Do I just have really fussy eyelashes?

Kat x