Monday, 21 January 2013

The Body Shop Bargain: How I Broke My Spending Ban *Again*

I previously mentioned that I had self-imposed a spending ban, due to being in the red almost immediately after pay day this month. Boo!

However, I broke this promise to myself at lunch time today, by popping into the Worthing Body Shop store for a quick nose at their sale items. Although I'm kinda gutted to have broken my spending ban in little over a week, I simply could not have left this bargain behind...

Hemp Moisture High Balm

Hemp Moisture High Balm reduced The Bpdy Shop
Want to buy this for just £1? Click here.

Hemp Moisture High Balm The Body Shop Sale £1

As you can see in the first snap, this product was originally £6, reduced to just £1. I am sure you can understand why I had to buy it then, despite the fact I already have way too many lotions and potions knocking about the place!

I have suffered slightly dry cuticles, lips and (strangely for me) patches on my face since snow first arrived in the UK, and I think this Hemp Moisture High Balm will do just the trick. It has a consistency similar to Vaseline but is more easily absorbed by skin, making it ideal for use almost anywhere on the body.

The Body Shop website recommends this product for use on dry knees and elbows specifically, though I do not suffer from either ailment. I've used this balm on my hands and lips already, and it effectively smoothes both (though it certainly doesn't smell as nice as some of the other lip goos I own!)

A great buy I reckon! But I really need to stop spending money on beauty goodies (as if), or at the very least have a big clear out soon...