Sunday, 13 January 2013

Pay Day Booty #3: John Frieda Full Repair, GOSH 'Kiwi' Effect Powder, MUA Magnetic Nails/Constellations & Ghost 'Deep Night'

Pay Day Booty 3 KatSick haul#

I wasn't going to do a Pay Day Booty post this month, since I had intended on not buying anything deemed 'unnecessary', in an attempt to stay in the green.

Alas; I decided to allow myself to go and stock up on the John Frieda Full Repair conditioner I reviewed in my last post, before Boots' 'Two for £8' offer ended.

Visiting Superdrug first on the off-chance the store might have its own, superior promotional offer on John Frieda products (they didn't) saw me spending more than I had originally intended...

I thought I might as well put a post together then!

MUA Magnetic Nails 'Regent Street' and Nail Constellations 'Leo'

After seeing Superdrug selling all John Frieda products at their original RRPs, I decided I might as well check out the MUA stand before heading to my original destination  Boots. This was a bad idea really, since I knew I would end up buying something, due to the fact MUA's items start from just £1.

I ended up with two items; Magnetic Nails in shade 'Regent Street' and Nail Constellations in 'Leo'. Before Christmas, these products were £3 each, but the RRP for both has since dropped to £2.

MUA Magnetic Nails Regent Street Constellations Leo

I mentioned quite a while ago I would like to finally tackle my life-long nail-biting habit. I have succeeded (though they snap far more often than I'd like!)

My interest in nail art is growing as a result -  I guess beating the habit was my justification for buying these two MUA goodies.

The 'Magnetic' nail varnish is pretty fun once you get the knack for applying it. After applying two coats you hold the magnet built into the lid of the bottle over each nail, in order to create a pattern, in this case a 'squiggle effect'.

Magnetic Nail Squiggle Effect MUA Superdrug
Cool, huh? Not sure why my fingers are so sparkly...
I was more impressed with the 'Leo' constellations though, which you can see applied over Max Factor's 'Lacquer Noir' nail varnish below (you simply shake the tiny beads over wet nail varnish, then wait to dry). 

I can't wait to have a proper play with these!

MUA Leo Nail Constellations

GOSH Effect Powder: 'Kiwi'

After I was done browsing the MUA stand, I saw Superdrug had reduced a number of cosmetics from varying lines on another. Most of these were of no interest to me, but I just couldn't resist this GOSH Effect Powder in shade 'Kiwi', reduced to just 49p.

GOSH Effect Powder shade Kiwi Superdrug
49P, Superdrug.
I've no idea what the original RRP was, but it's safe to bet it was considerably higher! As you can see, it's a shimmery green-meets-gold colour, akin to MAC's 'Golden Olive' eye powder. A great bargain spot!

And so it was on to Boots to collect the two bottles of John Frieda Full Repair conditioner I had intended to buy solely...

2 x John Frieda Full Repair conditioner

John Frieda Full Repair Two for £8 Boots
Two for £8 on John Frieda products at Boots. You can read my review of this product here.
Before I reached the JF section though, I passed a collection of half price perfume sets, left over from Christmas. I quickly noticed a Ghost 'Deep Night' EDT gift set on sale for just £12.

Ghost 'Deep Night' 30ml Eau de Toilette gift set

'Deep Night' became one of my favourite scents after I got a little bottle of it in a perfume miniatures set last Xmas, and I've been meaning to get myself some more for a while.

I find it hard to describe scents to others, so I have copied the following description from

"An unusually subtle fragrance, Ghost Deep Night opens with top notes of Indian rose and belle de nuit, flowing into a heart of orange, white tree and apricot, atop a smooth base of vanilla, amber and musk."

Since 30ml of Deep Night is usually £25 on its own, to get this for £12 with a free body lotion thrown's a girl supposed to resist?

Ghost Deep Night EDT gift set
£12, Boots. Excuse the flash...
I may have only spent £24.49 in total, but I have now re-imposed the shopping ban on myself!